Carpenter-Watch Begins Here!

OK then!

Before we start could you just click on this link for me and have a read of a post from my buddy and fellow Cardinals collector, James Ruffin. It’s only a short piece and it won’t take you too long!

Unabashed Interest

Back so soon?

Alrighty then!

A few days ago I put down my mission statement for a new PC of certified autographs of Cardinals players, one that I’m going to try my damnedest to adhere to and put together in my own good time!

Aside from the cost issue of certain cards and certain players there are some signers that are notoriously difficult to track down as they are not the most prolific of signers!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Chris Carpenter of your St Louis Cardinals –

The problem we have here is that although there are a fair few Carpenter autos out there, there aren’t a vast amount of him in his Cards uniform!

Upper Deck released a batch of them about six years ago across a variety products but Topps don’t seem to have followed suit! I mean come on!!! We’re talking about a former Cy Young winner from a franchise that’s second only to the Yankees in terms of World Series wins! That’s pretty high profile!!

The only Topps certified auto of Carp that I can find on eBay at the moment is this one from 2009 Topps Unique Baseball –

And since then – nothing!! Na da!! Zip!!

Until, that is, Topps goes and sneaks one in right under our noses in their 2013 Silver Slate Wrapper redemption program, #’d/50!

But as James points out in his own piece, where the hell have Topps been hiding these? Obviously they’ve been in their possession for a good few years as the autographs are signed on those horrible silver ‘Topps Certified Autograph’ stickers that were all the rage up until recently.

The sticker isn’t the issue for me though. I like the card, and the fact that it’s limited to 50 copies makes it even more desirable.

The problem I have is twofold –

  1. Why so few Chris Carpenter autographs in Topps products? This guy is a great pitcher who needs more coverage at the insert level, and
  2. Why put these cards in a wrapper redemption set? If you look closely at the image I posted above you’ll see that the card is dinged in the bottom left-hand corner. This type of damage could be quite prevalent with cards seeded as part of this program, primarily due to the way the packs are distributed

As it stands I’ll be keeping an eye out for these cards and if I can find one at the right price and in near mint condition I may well snap it up for my PC.

As Carpenter’s career may well soon be drawing to a close due to a recurrence of a shoulder problem that will keep him out for the whole of this season, and given the lack of his autographed Baseball cards over the last few years,  I can’t imagine that we’ll be seeing a whole lot more any time in the near future!

But if you’re listening Topps, how about a nice on-card auto of one of the best pitchers of the last decade? Lets ditch those stickers (yuck) and just go for it!! Surely a Chris Carpenter autograph deserves a lot more than being buried away in a redemption program??


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