‘The Wax Fantastic’ Fantasy Baseball Team

Fantasy Baseball is now upon us and the draft for the inaugural ‘The Wax Fantastic Fantasy Baseball League’ took place on Saturday 23rd March! We had a few turn out on the day but more who left their teams to the mercy of the dreaded pre-ranking or Yahoo auto-pick!!

— shudder —

Anyway, I thought I’d share my team with you all in card form, in the order they were drafted!

As an aside, I ended up with pick #5 in a 12-Team league with a ‘snake’ draft format. Not my favourite place to draft as I’d rather go with picks 1-3 or 10-12, but you have to play with the hand your dealt with, I guess!

Round #1 – Pick #5 – Matt Kemp (LAD) – OF

This was a toss up between Kemp and McCutchen for the #5 pick but I ended up with Kemp hoping for a repeat of his 2011 season! If they can gel as a team the Dodgers line-up will be pretty potent this season and a healthy Matt Kemp hitting 3rd should bring some serious returns! Providing someone can get on base in front of him, that is!

Round #2 – Pick #20 – Jose Reyes (TOR) – SS

If his knees hold out (and you’ll note that I said “if”) then he’s a lock for 40+ SB and a ton of runs hitting on top of that stacked Blue Jays roster!!

Round #3 – Pick #29 – Josh Hamilton (LAD) – OF

I’m surprised Hamilton dropped this far down the draft order to be honest! A big bat in the midst of a power line up. Hamilton’s there to beef up my hitting stats, pure and simple! No subtle drafting to see here, move along please!!

Round #4 – Pick #44 – Jered Weaver (LAA) – SP

My first pitcher! I really wanted one of the ‘Top 3’ but Weaver was the best pitching option available at this point so I pulled the trigger. I even broke my own rule regarding starters as I usually draft NL-only pitchers. Still a solid option but not necessarily a starter I’d consider building my rotation around!

Round #5 – Pick #53 – Craig Kimbrel (ATL) – CL

Whoooaahh!! Hold on a sec Andy, you crazy bastard!! A closer?!?! In the 5th round!!!! Again another of my rules gets broken! I wouldn’t normally pick up my first closer until around pick #9 or #10 but once again he seemed like the best option on the board!! I won’t expect him to repeat last year’s performance but his K’s will be nice 🙂

Round #6 – Pick #68 – Brandon Phillips (CIN) – 2B

Ah, good old Brandon Phillips. I end up drafting him every year and yet never seem to finish the season with him in my team. Why should this year be any different? Still a good source for power and speed at a thin position so not a total loss!

Round #7 – Pick #77 – Yadier Molina (STL) – C

I’m not usually a big fan of drafting catchers this early either but he’s a Cardinal and I know what he can do with a bat! A good, solid option at catcher who’ll give me 20+ HR and maybe a few SB as well! Did I mention he’s a Cardinal as well?

Round #8 – Pick #92 – Paul Konerko (CHW) – 1B

I suddenly realised at this point that I’d not filled 1B so Konerko was a bit of a panic draft! Despite his age he continues to produce year in, year out so I’m confident enough to hand the reins over to Mr Konerko at 1B for the start of the season! Whether he’s there at the end is anyone’s guess!

Round #9 – Pick #101 – Roy Halladay (PHI) – SP

OK, OK! I know!! Don’t even ask me what I was thinking here! Another panic pick as I realised I hadn’t drafted another starter at this point! This one will no doubt come back to bite me on the ass at some point. Of course if ‘Doc’ suddenly regains some semblance of his old form and self this will pick will naturally be my masterstroke!

So the jury’s still out on this one 🙂

Round #10 – Pick #116 – Mariano Rivera (NYY) – CL

Greatest Closer Ever! ‘Nuff said!!!

All I can hope is that the Yankees manage to win some close games this season to give him the chance to pick up some saves! Given the look of their opening roster against the Red Sox,  I’m afraid there’s no guaranteed there!

Round #11 – Pick #125 – David Ortiz (BOS) – 1B

Another regular fixture in my fantasy teams, Big Papi will be out of action until around late April, early May! As soon as he’s back I’ll just slot him in place and watch the numbers roll in! Could be a great steal at this position in the draft!!

Round #12 – Pick #140 – Sergio Romo (SF) – CL

In another ‘un-me’ like move I pick up my 3rd closer from the first 12 rounds of the draft! Saves shouldn’t be a problem this year but I do wonder if I might have waited a bit longer to fill this 3rd closer position!

Round #13 – Pick #149 – Kyle Seager (SEA) – 3B

One of my sleeper picks for this season, I’ve got BIG hopes for young Mr Seager over the coming months! I’m treating Kyle Seager as a mini-David Wright just waiting to happen, with just the right amount of power and speed to make this a nice pick in the 13th round!

Round #14 – Pick #164 – Adam Dunn (CHW) – 1B/OF

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

I love Adam Dunn as a fantasy player! You know exactly what you’re getting year upon year. No surprises, just 40 HR (with a fair amount of R and RBI thrown in) and a putrid batting average. I’m happy that some of my other picks will help keep that BA in check while I can reap the rewards from all that power production in the heart of the White Sox batting order!

Round #15 – Pick #173 – Ryan Vogelsong (SF) – SP

I really rate this guy ahead of Madison Bumgarner, but he’s a lot lower in the draft! For me he’s a steal at this stage and should put up some great pitching numbers for the reigning World Champs!

Round #16 – Pick #188 – Mark Teixeira (NYY) – 1B

OK, I know this is Kyle Lohse but take my word for it – I did draft Mark Teixeira at this point but dropped him after shortly after the draft. I needed another pitcher and it was just announced that Lohse had signed with the Brewers (and was still available off waivers) so I decided to take a punt! Teixeira will be out until sometime in May/June and I didn’t need him taking up a DL spot, especially when there was more of an urgency to add to my pitching!

Round #17 – Pick #197 – Andy Petitte (NYY) – SP

This Yankees veteran can still put up great numbers and will be a welcome addition to my rotation! Run support might be a problem in the early part of the season, but this is the Yankees we’re talking about, and don’t they always seem to find a way? I’m not expecting the world with this pick but he should end up pitching better than his draft position suggests!

Round #18 – Pick #212 – Emilio Bonifacio (TOR) – 2B/3B/OF

Read it here and mark my words – the steal of the draft! I’ve picked him up in every league I’ve played in this year and, barring any injuries, I’m going out on a limb and stating that he’ll lead the league in SB this season!! Position versatility helps as well!

Round #19 – Pick #221 – Yadier Molina (BAL) – SP/RP

This was a no-brainer really. A great arm and a great talent. Currently warming my bench, but will be back to torment big league hitters later on in the season and I have to just remain patient and wait for it to happen!

Round #20 – Pick #245 – Bruce Rondon (DET) – CL

Another post-draft change. As soon as I found out that the Tigers had demoted Rondon back to the minors I went for another bat! Heimold was a gut reaction based upon his performance last season. I’m just hoping he secures a starting position and doesn’t end up platooning. That’s a real pain in the ass!

Round #21 – Pick #245 – Oscar Taveras (STL) – OF


Round #22 – Pick #260 – Billy Hamilton (CIN) – SS/OF

Nothing to really say here as both of these uber-prospects were sent down at the end of Spring Training so I’ve stashed them both away on my bench to be called on later! Both are potential game changing players and it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’ll both make their debut in the majors later this season! And I’ll be there to reap the rewards!!

Round #23 – Pick #269 – Rick Porcello (DET) – SP

I needed one more pitcher and he’d had the most amazing spring! Last pick of the draft so nothing to lose really!


And there we go! My blog’s Fantasy Baseball team for the next few months (give or take the odd waiver pick up or trade)!!

I’m reasonably happy with the team in general. Hitting is a lot stronger than pitching and I feel that I’m just one more quality starter short of greatness. Let’s hope I manage to get hold of this years R.A. Dickey off the wire early on in the season!

Comments, as always, are welcome!


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