A New Collecting Era Dawns (For Me, Anyway)

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few days, but this has afforded me some time to reassess my collecting habits and to work out where I push on from here from a card collection point of view.

I’ve considered a whole range of ideas from team sets throughout the course of the year to master sets of a particular product; from inserts sets (game-used, autos) to specific player collections.

I wanted to make it specific to my team, the St Louis Cardinals, and an idea struck me last night while conversing on Twitter with my buddy James over in Alabama. Mr James Ruffin (@jamesmruffin) is an avid Cards fan and collector of some years, and I’m blessed to know a like-minded soul out there over the Atlantic who shares my interests and goals!

Anyway, James had popped into his LCS looking for this beauty –

but also chanced upon this gorgeous specimen –

Sigh – Too many lovely cards out there!! 😦

And then it hit me! Certified autographed cards of Cardinals players!!

Why not?!? I’ve been put off the idea before because of the high value of some of the players involved, but for every expensive Stan Musial, Bob Gibson and Albert Pujols autograph card there’s a less expensive Jason Motte, Jon Jay or Ray Lankford as an alternative.

That’s it!! I’m pumped!!!

And it’s something I can build at my own pace and in my own time, as budget dictates. Of course it’s a finite collection but it will be a fulfilling and fun one to build as well!

I’ve set myself a few ground rules which are as follows –

  1. No prospect cards (at least not yet). As there are quite a few of these each year I just wanted to concentrate on rostered players. So basically anything from their rookie card (if autographed) onwards. I will most likely revisit this rule further down the line
  2. The player depicted on the card has to be wearing his Cardinals uniform. I’ll happily get my hands on a Scott Rolen autograph – but not in a Phillies uniform, or anything after he left the Cards!
  3. Only one card of each available player. Again I’ll probably revisit this at a later date but doing this will make me focus more specifically on what cards I chase

And we’ll see how it goes from there!

My special thanks to James for sowing the seeds of this idea!! Right now I’m off to eBay!!


5 thoughts on “A New Collecting Era Dawns (For Me, Anyway)

  1. It’s a great plan! I learned to specialize last year, and I actually just gave up on my original 2013 plan. I’m a set builder, and my intent was to go after only Allen & Ginter this year (and a few specific players). But then I saw Topps Heritage and now I’m building that instead. It’s more reasonable financially, and I like the set this year.

    1. HI Jim!

      I hear you!!

      Although I’ll be sticking to the Cardinals autos I’ll be going down a similar vein to you next March when 2014 Heritage comes out!

      I love the ’65 det design so I’ll definitely be picking a few boxes up and building a set. This year’s Heritage is a great set and I like it a lot more than I anticipated!

      Good luck putting that together!!


  2. ‘The player depicted on the card has to be wearing his Cardinals uniform’ – so no Panini cards? 😀

    It does sound like a really good idea for a collection, and I’m actually very tempted to do something similar with the Rays. It just sounds awesome to be able to say that ‘I’ve got the autograph of every player on the team’.

  3. A case of great minds, says I. I’ve decided to do something similar, and am sticking to your 3 rules, with the possible exception of allowing myself multiple autos of the HOFers – Yount, Molitor and Braun! My project is in its infancy too, so I’ve only got Rickie Weeks, Corey Hart, Yovani Gallardo, Braun, Molitor, Cecil Cooper and Ben Oglivie. Both Braun and Gallardo have the RC logo – I figured they’d be a little more desirable in the long run and can’t afford the prospect versions anyway!. The Cooper I picked up on ebay.uk a couple of weeks ago. It was a 2006 Legendary Cuts /99, and the same guy was selling an Ozzie Smith /25 which I was interested in flipping. It sold for £19.25 which was more than I was prepared to pay for a card I don’t want. Woulda been a good start for you though.

    Obviously there are a lot more big name Cardinals than Brewers so it’ll be a little easier, and cheaper, for me. Yount and Prince Fielder are the only additional cards that will cause me any real discomfort when it comes time to pay. I might even permit some ‘in-person’ autos, since Jim Gantner (not the first person to reply to your post!), for instance, has no officially signed cards. I’ll get some pics once I have them all – COMC are looking after a couple – but I have the Hart, Weeks, Gallardo and Cooper in hand.

    1. Nicely done Shay, and a great start!

      It just seems like a good, neat way to collect… Setting a limit on the cards you want to collect but not being restricted to all modern products!

      I’m really looking forward to dipping into some of the sets from the mid-90s when we first started to see the on-card autos appearing ‘en masse’!!

      I’ve got my eyes on a few cards already that won’t stretch my already paper-thin budget (as well as one that will :)), and I’ve got a possible Jason Motte auto trade lined up!

      So all is good!!

      Keep us up to date with how you are progressing and I’ll keep you in mind if I ever come across any Brewers autos myself in products!


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