2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Preview

It’s preview time again, but on this occasion there’s a bit of a difference!

When I first returned to the Hobby and collecting after a long period of absence, all the way back in those ‘dark days’ of 2011, I was only aware of Topps Baseball products.

Because of Topps’ exclusive contract with MLB, to me Topps WERE Baseball cards!! Accept no substitutes, and all that!! ‘Unofficial’ (read non-licensed) card sets were something I used to steer clear of as they seemed somehow – wrong!

Recent product releases from Panini have caused me to reassess that stance, and with the re-emergence of Upper Deck as another player in the Baseball card market things are looking more and more interesting over the coming months/years for Baseball card collectors.

So, in order to for me to properly serve my esteemed readership I think it’s about time I started to tell you about some of the other Baseball card releases that will be appearing in the near future! And we’ll start right now with Panini’s 2013 USA Baseball!!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never really been the biggest fan of past USA Baseball releases as I’ve never really been that invested in them!

Most of the time they featured young players who I’d never heard of sporting their Team USA uniforms – not really the sort of set that pushes the relevant buttons for a UK-based Baseball card collector! However since I’ve been following the prospect market a lot more closely over the last few months, a lot of the names on the checklist are more familiar to me!

And not just that!!!

Panini have also had the foresight to populate the set with USA Baseball’s former alumni, giving us collectors the chance to get hold of some of Baseball’s current and recently retired stars featured in their Team USA uniforms as well!

The fact that some of these players are either in the Hall of Fame already, or will be Cooperstown-bound in the not too distant future, really piques my interest in the set and makes the product really stand out from previous USA Baseball releases! I envisage that this mixture of past and present will be a strong attributing factor in 2013 USA Baseball’s overall success!

With a nice design and some great looking relics, 2013 USA Baseball looks as if it could be onto a winner! Throw in awesome autographs of some of Baseball’s finest players of the last few decades and things just get better!!!

Oh, did I mention that each Hobby box also contains 3 autographed cards and two Game-Used relics? No??


Click here to see what the product has to offer and look for Panini 2013 USA Baseball to hit the streets at the end of May!


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