Once Upon A Time…

I’m going to share a story with you. Please bear with me as it will lead somewhere card related!

Just over a decade ago I started working for the UK side of Capital One, the credit card and loan company. As it was a new job I signed up for all the usual benefits and insurances, including a private health care plan, which after 12 months I cancelled as it was costing me extra money each month that would have been better placed in my pocket, especially as my first daughter was due in October of 2001.

Fast-forward to 2006 and I leave Capital One to work for a small IT company (about 25 employees at the time) that provides fundraising software for charities and the Not-For-Profit sector, a job that I love and which I still do today!

Last November our company was purchased by a larger software company (around 400 employees in various offices dotted around the UK) which specialises in financial software! This isn’t going to be a massive change in terms of the job I do but the buy-out triggered a mix up with my Tax Code that is given out by the Inland Revenue (the IRS to our cousins over in the US).

So back in January I contacted the Inland Revenue and explained the situation and they corrected the details over the phone. They advised me what my proper code was due to the private health plan I was paying for as an employment benefit.


So, basically, it turns out that I was still being taxed on the private health care plan that I stopped paying for back in 2001. This prompts me to write to the Inland Revenue to review my case and three weeks ago I receive a cheque in the post for monies that I had been incorrectly been charged tax on!

As this wasn’t something I was expecting to receive I decided to buy myself a box of cards as a treat (I had to promise to get the wife something nice as well, just to sweeten the deal) and two days ago, Monday 18th March, said box of cards arrived!

I had to do it!!

This is probably the first, and only, time that I’ll ever spend such a large amount of money on a box of cards like this, but as I’ve been so impressed with Panini’s National Treasures from what I’ve seen so far, I just couldn’t resist!!!

As I said, this was on Monday. It’s now late at night on Tuesday and I still haven’t opened it. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit nervous about the prospect!

But I have a day off work tomorrow so I’ll go at it then! I might even do a video of what I find inside, although I tend to get all tongue-tied when I talk on camera so heaven only knows how something like that will turn out 🙂

I’ll post the details of the contents in due course, so stick around if you want to see what’s hidden within this little box of delights!

Wish me luck!

UPDATED I’ve posted the review for your viewing pleasure! Click on the link below to see what I pulled!!

Review: 2012 Panini National Treasures


4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

  1. So how many days exactly have passed between the ‘I no longer collect cards’ post to this?!?

    I have to say, that’s a sexy ass box! Have run ripping mate, hope you pull a monster.

    1. I know I know!!

      This is meant to be a one off, just for the sole purpose of being able to say I opened a box of the stuff!!

      Who knows after that??

      I’ve been contemplating the idea of limiting myself to a few team sets this year, starting with Heritage!

      Trouble is, once a break this then I’ll be all over NT again…

      — sigh —

      It’s never easy being a collector!

  2. You’ve been bleating on about this set for ages now….can’t believe you have the willpower to let the damn thing just sit there!!!!! Get into it, mate!! 🙂

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