‘Victori Spolia’

I always wanted to put a bit of Latin into one of my posts so I thought now was as good a time as any. In case you were wondering what that actually translates to it’s ‘To the victor the spoils’.

Last Thursday Panini ran a competition that would net one of the three potential winners a box of 2012 National Treasures Baseball (you might have heard me mention this product before)!

To have a chance at winning you had to find three minuscule images of National Treasures boxes that had been scattered throughout several of the product galleries on the official Panini blog, The Knight’s Lance.

Yours truly had a go, found the correct location for each hidden box, and then in time ordered tradition, failed to have my name drawn 😦

However there were three winners whom I assume are very happy right at this minute! Snagging one of these $400 boxes in a free competition is a collectors dream, so a special shout out is due to Tracy Hackler and the rest of the team at Panini for putting such an awesome contest together!

And special congratulations to the winners of the contest, one of whom posted the contents of his box/pack on Twitter earlier today. So I thought I’d share his ‘spoils’ right here just so you have an idea how a pack of eight, super high-end Baseball cards breaks down!

This particular pack was won by Kevin Landry (@kevinlandry) and here’s the picture he posted –

The cards he received are as follows (from top to bottom) –

  • Signature Series Rated Rookies Patch – Jeff Locke #’d/99
  • Base Prime – Willie Stargell #’d/25
  • League Leaders – Paul Waner #’d/99
  • Rated Rookies Silver (Autograph) – Nick Hagadone #’d/99
  • All Decade Quads – Nap Lajoie, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Miller Huggins #’d/25
  • Rated Rookies Silver (Jersey) – Bryce Harper #’d/99
  • Signature Jumbo Die-Cut – Mike Trout #’d/25
  • Star Jumbo Jersey Book – Roy Halladay #’d/99

This is a GREAT pack! The All Decade Quad is worth the price of the admission alone, but throw in the Harper jersey, the Trout die-cut jersey/auto and the Willie Stargell patch then you’ve got a pretty hefty collection of cards!

So nicely done there Kevin! A veritable feast of card collecting greatness you’ve got yourself there. I’m trying hard not to hate you, but I’m failing miserably 🙂

And remember, dear friend, if you ever tire of appreciating that All Decade Quad Bat card, there will always be a home for it over here in the UK!!


2 thoughts on “‘Victori Spolia’

  1. Panini ought to send you a box for being this product’s biggest fan. Failing that, a box of Cooperstown so you can pull me the Molitor /100 auto!

    Incidentally, I thought Victori Spolia was currently on loan to Watford, from Udinese. Mea culpa.

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