Honestly… What Would You Buy With $50,000?

While having a general browse through the Twitter-verse I’ve just this minute spotted a tweet from the Voice of the Collector who had unearthed this gem of a listing on Dave and Adam’s Card World.

1952 Topps Baseball High Number Empty Case – WOW!!!!

I’ve been away with work for the last two days so wasn’t originally going to post today, but this was just too good to pass up 🙂 and I felt it required immediate attention!

Now I’ve shared my thoughts before on high value cards, and what people are prepared to (a) sell them for in the first place, and (b) actually pay for them! But just shy of $50,000?!?! For an empty box?!?! I don’t care how important and significant 1952 Topps is to the Hobby, THIS is absolutely ludicrous!!!

Is there anyone in their right mind who would possibly pay for the box that once “held 24 boxes (24 packs per box) of 1952 Topps baseball cards for the extremely rare High Series”? Sadly, the answer could well be a big fat ‘YES’!!

Keep an eye on this one people – let’s see if there is someone with more money than sense!!

Dave and Adam’s Card World offer some of the best discounted boxes on the internet, but somehow I don’t think you’ll be getting much of a bargain here!

My thanks to the Voice of the Collector for this awesome find!! Go follow his blog (click on the link at the top of this post) or follow him on Twitter @VOTC. He writes some insightful and thoughtful pieces that are well worth your time!

Look forward to hearing all your thoughts on this one!!


2 thoughts on “Honestly… What Would You Buy With $50,000?

  1. I am wondering what box I should get now that would be worth $50,000 in 2074? Probably I should just get a box that I would enjoy in the present. Probably a 2012 topps heritage box. I will most definitely pull a Mike Trout auto rookie card right? The answer is no with my particular luck. I would really have to think what I would spend $50,000 on. I am very sure it would not be an empty box though. lol

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