Button It!

As the week winds to a close it’s time to pay one final visit (for the time being at least) to my fave product-of-the moment, 2012 Panini National Treasures!

I know I’ve written quite a lot about this set recently, and with due cause! As a set it’s taken collectors by storm, with it’s mix of the old and the new, coupled with some of the best card design I’ve seen in ages.

One of the things that impresses me about how Panini approaches Baseball products is that, due to a lack of an official MLB licence, they have to be much more creative with the way they put their cards together. This was showcased brilliantly with last years Cooperstown Collection (click here to read my review of that particular release), and it was taken up a further notch with this release.

So for this final look I’ve decide to concentrate on one of the insert sets – the button cards!

When I read the advance details for this years Topps Gypsy Queen release, one of the inserts that jumped out at me was the mini with a button embedded in the card. Here’s an example –

Pretty smart!!

I remember being intrigued by the idea and thought it was a novel and original idea from Topps… But it looks as if Panini beat them to it!

These button cards are proving to be incredibly popular and, due to the player selection and the limited number produced, are fetching some fairly heavy coin on eBay at the moment! Here’s a few that are either currently live or which have recently been sold –

And just so you know that it’s not just Hall of Famers and ballplayers of the past, here’s a few current stars –

I absolutely love these cards – the sheer novelty value is immense and they look amazing!

One of the other things I like about what Panini have done with their jersey relics is that they’ve recycled pretty much ALL of the uniform. So as well as the usual swatch pieces, we also have the buttons and even laundry tags!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is hands down one of the best Baseball releases in years. The closest comparison I can make is with last years Topps 5-Star Baseball – itself a gorgeous looking product but hindered with quality issues, especially around the chipped edges!

The secondary market is pushing already high box prices even further skyward and you can click on this link to access one of Panini’s sales reports. It makes for some interesting reading around just how well National Treasures has done since its release!

A Panini America Special Report: Wild Sales from 2012 National Treasures Baseball

I’m hoping to pick up a few singles over the next few months of some of the older ballplayers and I’ll report back with what I manage to get my hands on! In fact last night I just missed out on a base jersey card of 30’s Pirates HOF’er, Arky Vaughan which was limited to only 25 copies! It might be the case I never get hold of one of these cards at all, that’s how cool and limited this product is!

Get ’em while you still can folks!!


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