The Great 1/1 ‘Mojo’ Conundrum

1/1 cards!

Extremely elusive pieces of cardboard heaven (or hell, depending on how you view them)

From their very first appearance in the Flair Showcase products of the late 90’s the 1/1 card has become a mainstay of the Hobby, in a variety of different forms!

I’ve never owned a 1/1 card! Can’t really say it’s top of my list either. I neither love or hate them, but do acknowledge how they knacker things up for the dedicated player collector!

I was intending to dedicate a whole piece to 1/1 cards, and in particular the sellers on eBay who litter their listing descriptions with the term ‘1/1’, despite the fact that the item they are selling is anything but…

I mean… How can you describe something as 1/1 when it’s clearly numbered to something like 50 and the only distinction that sets it apart from the other 49 cards in the ‘set’ is the fact that it bears the same number as the players jersey that’s depicted upon it?

Friends, this card is not a 1/1… It’s merely a lucky coincidence! A coincidence that someone out there will be more than happy to pay a premium for… but a coincidence all the same!

Unfortunately my original article has become a moot point, as I’ve been pipped to the post by another blogger who has written about this very same subject. So, for a much better article than I would have ever written, why don’t you click here and go pay a visit to the Night Owl over at Night Owl Cards. I even made special use of ‘Mojo’ in honour of that particular piece!

And if you’re not following him already, why not??? It’s one of the best written blogs about our great Hobby out there!!

Go see!!

In lieu of a scathing article lambasting these evil purveyors of faux-1/1 Baseball cards, I’ll just have to leave you with a couple of my favourites that I recently came across…


2013 Topps 'Cut to the Chase' Stan Musial #'d6/10 1/1?


2013 Turkey Red Wily Peralta Auto #'d1/20 1/1?


6 thoughts on “The Great 1/1 ‘Mojo’ Conundrum

    1. “pipped to the post”, eh?

      Bringing quintessential ‘Englishness’ to the Hobby since 2012 🙂

      And thanks for the feedback. I write OK, but I’m still learning to write about the Hobby… that’s the challenge!

  1. I have a couple of printing plate cards, but I don’t see the point of all of this 1 of 1 nonsense. (I’d actually rather have a card where the serial number matches the player’s uniform number than a “true” 1 of 1 that’s the same as the regular card except for a back design or border color change.)

  2. Hey Andy; I’ve got the coolest 1/1 card. Well actually it’s 456/500 so really it’s a great 1/1. It’s the only card like it that’s #’d 456/500. In fact it IS a true 1/1, I’m going to list in on Ebay at a premium as nobody else has this very rare card. Please note; the player in the card is wearing the number 25 on his jersey so really if you take 456 -25 then it makes the card even more rare, man this is crazy, I might actually list it an an ultra premium price and ask that all sellers with feedback below 4,000 to contact me first and go thru a huge pre-bidding qualification process. The process itself is like no other………in fact it’s kind of a 1/1 process! Great blog as usual Andy. I enjoy your writing, your humour and the time that you put into all that you do. From one blogger to another Cheers.

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