2013 Topps Finest Baseball Preview


Regular readers can (and will) be forgiven for thinking that I’ve had nothing to write about over the last few days as all I’ve been posting nothing but product previews.

Regular readers will be right, of course!!

I’ve been a very busy bee this weekend as it was my wife’s birthday and it just so happens that Topps (as if doing me a gigantic favour) has landed not one, not two, not even three product teasers over the last week… No sir, they’ve only gone and added a fourth as well!

And you know what…? This is the one that’s got me the most excited!!

Click on the link to view 2013 Topps Finest Baseball in all its sell sheet glory!!

Topps Finest Baseball has lost its way big-time over the last few years! The crown-prince among premium card sets in the early 90’s, it had some of it’s sheen removed (pun NOT intended) with the introduction of Chrome in 1997. It then seemed to meander its way through the 2000s, changing from the standard pack to the mini-box format of distribution… even becoming a semi-high-end product over the last couple of years!

But not this time!

In order to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the ground-breaking first Finest Baseball set, Topps have gone back to the tried and tested formula (18 packs/box, 5 cards/pack) and have packed the product full of great cards honouring the inaugural release.

2013 Finest Baseball - Mike Trout Insert
2013 Finest Baseball – Mike Trout Insert
2013 Finest Baseball - Matt Cain Autograph
2013 Finest Baseball – Matt Cain Autograph
2013 Finest Baseball - Manny Machado Rookie Card
2013 Finest Baseball – Manny Machado Rookie Card

If you’ve been reading some of my recent posts you’ll know that 1993 Finest Baseball made it to #4 in my Favourite Baseball card sets of the 1990’s. It’s a great set and I think that Topps have made a really smart move in honouring it in this way.

These retro inserts have a great look to them, and even the base cards have a clean and simple elegance… It looks as if Topps are letting the design and the Chromium effect do all the talking here. And if those circles in the background change colour on each card to reflect the team (as with the Manny Machado RC above) then score even more points to the Topps design team!!

At around $90 a box this is looking a pretty good product to get us through the Baseball ‘dog-days’ of August!

It does concern me that the only products these days that make me sit up and take notice are those that have some kind of retro theme or element to them… but that’s just me! Get over it, Batesy!!

2013 Topps Finest definitely piques my interest more than any of the other products that I’ve previewed over the last few days and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the cards!!

Thoughts anyone?

Ooooo, I wonder if they’ll go back to the peely surface protector??

3 thoughts on “2013 Topps Finest Baseball Preview

  1. I haven’t cared about Topps Finest in years – in 1993, it was a novelty. But my mindset has always been that baseball cards are supposed to chronicle all of the players on a team, and Finest (as well as most modern products) are designed for the star player collector.

    Still, the retro inserts are kind of cool to see.

    1. I agree Paul (although I am a sucker for shiny stuff!!) 🙂

      There seems to be only base Topps and Heritage that even take a stab at team rosters these days. A&G and GQ to a certain extent (as far as you can get with 350 base cards I suppose) but so many other products have truncated checklists its untrue.

      Bowman could get away with it if they had a second series that was released at some point before Bowman Draft, or they could just make Bowman Draft an extension of the first Bowman release, maybe

  2. I have been waiting for this product release for months! I love the retro aspect to the 20th anniversary. The 1993 Finest refractor set is iconic in the collector’s world and I think extension of adding the retro 1993 Finest refractors for modern players will definitely tickle the collectors’ fancy. Those will be highly sought after cards to extend the original 1993 refractor set. I tend to compare this product as the baseball version of the Fleer Retro product for basketball in which PMGs are highly sought after, those refractors will be just as sought after adding to the fact that they are numbered to only 25. I can’t wait to open this product, will take me back to my early days of collecting. Needless to say I have 3 cases ordered for this special anniversary and I don’t think it will disappoint.

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