2013 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Preview

Here we are rounding off Topps’ latest Baseball trifecta with 2013 Triple Threads Baseball, the very latest (but definitely not the last) of their high-end releases!!

As with most of Topps’ high-end output I can’t help but approach it with a high degree of indifference. The designs look nice, as always, but the price bracket is way out of my range and as a result I can’t really muster up a great deal of enthusiasm for it.

In fact I don’t recall ever owning a Triple Threads card! If you’re a player collector and you manage to get hold of one of these cards then I’ve got no doubt they make a nice addition to anyone’s collection – a great centrepiece to show off and base your other cards around.

But deep down I can’t help but see it as a product that panders once more to the ‘hit’ chasers rather than the actual collectors… which is a shame as some of the relics do look rather nice!

Click here for all the details and let me know your thoughts on this, along with some of the high-end releases that are produced all year round, not just by Topps I hasten to add. Are they for you? Or will you just end up passing?

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