2013 Bowman Chrome Baseball Preview

“Chrome is in the air, everywhere I look around.

Chrome is in the air, every sight and every sound.”

Yes, Dear Reader, here we are again with yet another product preview.

Topps has once more been spoiling us this week with early looks at some of the hotly anticipated summer releases, and with a third to come any day now it’s time we turn our attention to the second of these offerings in the form of the glorious Bowman Chrome.

2013 Bowman Chrome Promo Sheet
2013 Bowman Chrome Promo Sheet

As per usual you can click here for more details and a few more images!

Topps’ Chrome products always seem to deliver the goods year after year (with maybe the exception of the 2010 Topps Chrome release) but it will take a lot to top last years simple, white-bordered design!

However it’s difficult to not make a straightforward comparison with the 2012 cards. I keep saying time and time again that 2012 Bowman was one of my favourite sets and I don’t like the idea of anything surpassing that in terms of card design… But personally I think that I’m going to end up disappointed.

What do you think?

The 2013 Prospects might not be as strong as in recent years, but with key rookie cards of Manny Machado, Dylan Bundy and Jurickson Profar, amongst others, this looks like being a nice set after all!!

2 thoughts on “2013 Bowman Chrome Baseball Preview

  1. I am kind of bored of this need that apparently Topps feels to show peeks of products months ahead their release, what about focusing on delivering a really complete product now, instead (i.e. getting rid of those obnoxious redemptions..)?
    the first pictures of triple threads are out already..really? What’s next, Topps series 2 2014?..

    1. LOL – I hear you Fabio.

      Unfortunately this system of pre-pre-release promotional material goes on everywhere, not just with the cards.

      Just look at what Sony have just done with the PS4 and no doubt Microsoft will have an announcement just around the corner!

      I just don’t like the way they show all of their cards (pun intended) at once. There’s almost too much information.

      I’d prefer it if they just trickled the details out, but like I said – the dealers want to know what they need to order in advance and the punters like to know what they’ll be buying!

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