2013 Topps Chrome Baseball Preview

It always amazes me how far in advance Topps designs its cards and releases their promotional material. If anything it gives an interesting insight into how quickly things move in the crazy-ass world of sports card manufacturing.

I don’t know if anything to do with the product will actually change between now and when it releases in a few months time, but you can’t argue with  all the hard work that gets put in preparing, designing and promoting these releases.

There could be an argument to say that sometimes we find out a little bit too much about a product in the months before its release, that there’s no mystique involved anymore, but I guess dealers/traders want to know what they’re ordering and collectors want to know what they’re buying, so we’re stuck with it!

Anyway, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Topps’ first all-Chrome product of the year, the appropriately named 2013 Topps Chrome ([chuckles, and shakes head] where do they get these names from… :))

Click here for all the usual details around what you’ll find stuffed into this release.

I get the impression sometimes that Topps Chrome is something of a forgotten release. There are some great rookie autos in each release but these never seem to reach the giddy heights of the Chrome Prospect autos that you can find littered across the Bowman brands.

I do remember thinking that this years Topps base cards would look good in Chrome, and from what I’ve seen here I don’t have any reason to think I’ll be disappointed. That said, once again there’s the usual over-abundance of refractor parallels but this appears to have become de rigueur for most Topps products these days – although those sepia refractors #’d/75 to look pretty sexy.

I’m sure that Topps Chrome does have it’s legion of fans out there, but whether this years release promises to bring any more into the fold remains to be seen. But hopefully, with a strong collection of autographed rookie cards, this may well be a solid release later this summer!


4 thoughts on “2013 Topps Chrome Baseball Preview

  1. Hey Andy, glad to see your wavering status as a collector hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm for the blog – and baseball is back now too!

    I like to think I’m not one for gimmicks – no die cuts, relics etc – but I must admit to having been seduced somewhat by parallels. I found COMC in August, pretty much as soon as I returned to the hobby, and just weeks after my beloved Zack Greinke had been traded to the Angels, a move which I grudgingly concede the Brewers had to make. Anyway, I decided I’d pick up everything of him in his Brewers uniform, within reason, and set about his 2011 Topps Chrome ‘Rainbow’ – a term I’d never encountered in my previous stints collecting. Well it’s complete but for the Superfractor, which I’m pretending doesn’t exist, and the similarly mythical Canary 1/1. That’s a red/25, gold/50, blue/99, sepia/100, black /100, atomic/225 , purple/499, xfractor/799, orange, refractor and base – less than 20 bucks for the lot on COMC!

    So, while I won’t be busting any cases as I’m not a big hit chaser :), I may pick up the odd parallel or two.

    1. Hi Shay.

      Its like the old saying goes – “the blog must go on” (or something to that effect.

      Another product preview coming tonight if I get the time. Its the wife’s birthday today and I’m told I have to be sensitive to that sort of thing.

      Parallels are an interesting conundrum for me. I imagine its quite an exciting chase for player collectors, and as long as you don’t collect one of the mega-stars a la Harper, Trout, etc, it’s infinitely achievable… as you’ve proven with the Greinke cards. And I agree about the super-fractors… enough said about those the better.

      Could be an interesting experiment this year to choose a player and go for all the parallels that he features in, ignoring the 1/1s like printing plates and the aforementioned super-tractors!

      They’ll be plenty of products to choose from, and plenty of players too.

      Mmmm…. [thinks for a while and strokes imaginary goatee]

  2. Not sure if I’ll pursue one this year. Maybe Braun, but he’s relatively expensive. I forgot all about printing plates but it probably goes without saying that I hate them.

    Many happy returns to the missus. Having once forgotten my now-wife’s birthday (exam pressure!) I fully endorse being sensitive to that sort of thing!

    The imaginary goatee suits you btw.

    1. I do like Braun as a player, shame he has all the PED stuff hanging over him. I’ve been contemplating attempting this with Adam Jones…

      And between you and me, I look great with or without the beard… We all have our crosses to bear, I guess 😉

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