Just wanted to share this post from Ben over at ‘ourtradingcards’…

Organised box breaks have risen to prominence over the last couple of years and nowadays it seems like everyone and their uncle is doing them. You can find slots in box breaks available to purchase on eBay or if you look hard enough there are loads of other dealers that offer this type of service! I’ve only ever done one before – it was a single box break of 2012 A&G off eBay and it took place last July, I purchased two slots and ended up with the Blue Jays and the Rockies. I watched the video (didn’t get a great deal out of the break) and then waited for my cards to arrive… and waited… and waited…

They never did turn up, so I’ve not done another break since! I’m not saying I wouldn’t… I’d just have to be a bit more selective about it!!

Enjoy reading about Ben’s experiences and why not give one a go yourself!

**Ourtradingcards** Home to the world's "largest" Oakland A's PC

My first introduction into box breaking was at a local card shop (LCS). I was there with my wife and daughter at a monthly trade night. I was just getting back into the hobby (2010) after an almost 20 year hiatus. I was also learning about all of the additions that cards companies had made.

What was a relic?
An auto card was pretty self-explanatory!
What were refractors and parallels?
Some cards were numbered…
Some were chrome…
Some were retailer variations…
Some were worth more just based on the product in which they came out of…

Whew! That was a lot to learn! The hobby was no longer just about buying a $0.50 pack and hoping for a player from your favorite team! So the idea of box breaking was a whole new aspect. Fellow collectors would pool their money together to open a pre-set number of boxes. Each buying…

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