‘The Wax Fantastic’ Fantasy Baseball League Is Almost Here!!!

Off topic a little here…

Some time ago I announced I’d be setting up a Fantasy Baseball league through Yahoo for the blog and its readers!

Well the time for registration is almost upon us and I’ll be sending more details out soon!

If you’ve played Fantasy Baseball before then you’ll know the score and how much fun it can be… If you’ve never played it before and want to give it a go then feel free to jump on board.

There will be a limit of 12 teams so it’ll be worth getting in quick in case it ends up being more popular than I anticipated and the places evaporate at a rapid pace… Who knows? It could happen 🙂

The set up will be a standard 5×5 Roto League and I’ll try and set it up for a live draft, date and time to be decided! I’m hoping to keep things nice and friendly, and not overly competitive – although once I get going… It might be a different story in July when no-one wants to trade me Andrew McCutchen!!!

NB – If what I’ve just written makes absolutely no sense to you whatsoever don’t worry, all will be explained in due course

If you want to know any more about what’s in store then let me know and I’ll be happy to fill in the blanks.

Here’s looking forward to a fun season ahead!!

2013 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

6 thoughts on “‘The Wax Fantastic’ Fantasy Baseball League Is Almost Here!!!

  1. Sounds good, Wax Fantastic.

    I’m in a few leagues here in the U.S., but I’ve never participated with friends across the pond. Sounds fun!

    I, too, may get a fantasy league together for a number of bloggers. Shall I keep you posted?


    1. Sounds like a plan. Along with this league and the one I’ve been playing in since 2001 I’ve still got room to squeeze a couple more in!!

      Put my name down!

      1. Alright!

        My longest running leagues are football (American), but the past few years my baseball league has been a blast. The blogger league should prove to be a good time as well, this being it’s inaugural season. That’s the plan.

        You’re on the list, thanks!

  2. Count me in! Also, I am in the process of creating a roto league with a bit of “sabermetrics” at fleaflicker.com (obp instead of batting avg., k/base on ball ratio instead of simple strikeouts, and the likes..). I’d like to extend an invitation to you and your readers. Bye

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