‘Sick’ ‘Mojo’ ‘Insane’ Pack Rip!!

Afternoon guys!

Now I love a good YouTube box break/pack rip as much as anyone else!!

I just love the way that over-excited teens, or 20-somethings who still live in the basement at their parents house, go completely over the top when recording a video of a pack rip that’s they’ve spent the better part of the afternoon ‘searching’ for at their local Target or Wal-Mart! Only to then try and hide the disappointment as they end up pulling a Dave DeJesus jersey card, or something to that effect (not saying there’s anything wrong with Dave DeJesus, he was just the first name that popped into my head!)

That said though, I can’t quite believe I’ve never seen this rip before now as it’s been around on YouTube since 2007!!

So congrats to Rojay!! The Gods of Baseball Card collecting must have been smiling down on you this particular day!

Oh, and read some of the comments afterwards… Priceless!!


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