Ladies and Gentlemen!

If you regularly purchase items from the US you’re about to receive a short, sharp kick to the nuts courtesy of the US Postal Service. I wanted to make that non-gender specific but couldn’t think of a better way of describing it!!

As of yesterday, Sunday 27th January 2013, the USPS introduced a price rise of around 3-5% for their domestic services. International services also saw an increase, but that’s another story entirely with huge hikes across the board! And when I say huge, I mean MASSIVE!!!

Please understand that I’m not trying to downplay these increases for buyers outside the US. These changes are likely to have a long-term and detrimental impact on the way we purchase items from the US from this point forward.

The guys over at Etsy have put together the following comparison breakdown for the benefit of their international customers, so many thanks for the great work. Click here to read the full article on their website:

All you need to do is check out the international shipping rates and you can see how it’s going to affect us. For example a 3oz package sent by First Class International (about the size and weight of a single, top loaded card in a jiffy mailer) to the UK has gone from $4.56 to $8.88, an increase of some 94.7%, and a flat rate small envelope/box sent via Priority International has gone from $16.95 to $23.95, and increase of 41.2%!! Other international services fluctuate in between.

And don’t think our brethren over in Canada have got it any better either as their rates show a very similar increase percentage wise!

At the moment I’m trying to come up with some kind of positive from all this but I’m at a complete loss!!

I’ll post again in a few days after the news has had a chance to sink in a bit, but I just wanted to get the word out! Feel free to spread the news far and wide… The sooner more non-US buyers are aware of this the better!

And please remember – when you start seeing listings on eBay from US sellers showing these ridiculously high increases for international shipping, take a moment to acknowledge that this isn’t their fault. Sellers are just as much the victims of these increases as we are and they have to increase their costs accordingly!

So thank you USPS and have a nice day!!


10 thoughts on “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Buyers Outside The US Read This NOW

  1. Typical. I’d read that the USPS was having some difficulty making ends meet, so naturally they do exactly the thing that will most likely cause LESS people to use the service. This is indeed going to cause some problems for us.

    1. Agreed Glenn!!

      The Royal Mail had been making a loss for years according to a postie friend of mine, hence the price increases last year!

      It looks as if the effects of this increase are going to be long lasting I’m afraid!

  2. Thanks a lot Andy, I was looking forward to reading this. As a Canadian collector I know well the challenges of shipping around the world and the challenges that go with that. There are many cards that I simply can’t bid on as the shipping costs can be as high as $35 for one card. There’s got to be a better way……..

  3. Bang goes trading as well. Who wants to send a bunch of cards to the UK now, when they can be posted to someone in the US for a fifth of the price. It is becoming more difficult to collect in the UK, even with favourable dollar/pound exchange rates. I might be cheaper to have an annual trip to the US. Now there’s an idea.
    Although the cynic within is saying that customs will ask, ‘Excuse me are all these cards for personal use?’

    1. I’m still digging around to see what the full impact will be! All I can see at the minute is bad news, bad news and yet more bad news!!

      If anything it’ll make us more selective about our collecting habits, but whatever happens things are going to hurt our wallets and/or PayPal balances!

  4. I have bought some cards from these past days and their international shipping fare hasn’t changed: I guess big players like them can take this ridiculous low punch from usps, but for the other guys, this will probably mean shutting off completely their overseas business, I won’t ever pay 7$ shipping on a 5$ card, no thanks.
    We really need a major dealer in Europe to avoid usps and customs fees, I would gladly buy from him/her my cards..

    1. Hey there Fabio.

      I completely agree with you on this. I’ll be posting again in a couple of days with my further thoughts on this now that it’s had a chance to sink in!

      COMC is a great option for us – I’d noticed as well that their rates hadn’t gone up… yet!

      I’ve also looked further into the actual postage costs and the $8.88/3oz package rate will actually cover around 8-10 cards so it might not be all doom and gloom.

      Whatever happens now I guess we’re stuck with it! I’d love to start a small business up for Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey cards (and if I win the lottery tonight I may do just that)!

      There is a dealer in Germany but their prices can be a bit on the high side unfortunately!

      Thanks for replying and don’t forget to follow the blog to get an email notifying you every time a new post is published and to be in with a chance of winning some autographed Prospect cards!!

      Thanks, Andy

  5. Thanks Andy, I really like your blog, I think is the best on “our” side of the ocean (I live in Italy). I did further researches from people I buy from (mostly boxes), and dacardworld has now prohibitive costs for shipping usps: almost 50$ for shipping a single box with express mail! You are bound to go with Ups, but at least here, I have to pay additional costs to them for clearing customs duties, so I end up paying the same, absurd costs anyway. Comc is a great market for singles, but at least 3-4 times a year I’d like to open some boxes of new product (heritage, gypsy queen, allen and ginter mostly), and I don’t know if I can, now, with these new shipping costs.
    Thanks Andy, til next time and if you want, check my blog..

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