2013 Bowman Platinum Baseball Preview

Another week and another product preview lands in our laps from Topps.

And how wrong was I…?

Recently I posted a preview of 2013 Bowman Inception Baseball which I was convinced was replacing Bowman Platinum but this doesn’t appear to be the case after all!!

Bowman Platinum is a mid-season prospecting release with a relatively low price point when compared to the higher end, post-season release of Bowman Sterling. How this will sit side-by-side with Bowman Inception, and how collectors will take to two prospect-related products released so close together, remains to be seen.

Here’s a pdf of the sell sheet for your viewing pleasure…

I’ve never had a great deal of time for Bowman Platinum myself, preferring to defer to the more ‘traditional’ releases such as the main Bowman set, Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft! While Bowman Sterling always comes across as the ‘rich uncle’ of the Bowman brand I always think of Platinum as the ‘strange cousin’ who nobody in the family likes to talk about!

However it must have its fans as this will be the fourth year in production, and the 2013 release does have some nice designs and a great list of signers! One of the problems that plagued the 2012 release was a high instance of redemption cards strewn throughout the production run, so let’s hope that’s an issue that Topps manages to resolve before this year’s release hits the stores!

So, if you’re a prospect fan and a lover of nice and shiny cards, with a whole host of parallels, refractors and autographs, then this might just be the set for you! Personally I think that Topps does prospects better across its main Bowman brand, but Platinum offers a nice alternative for player collectors and it usually has a small enough check-list to entice set builders as well.

I’ll probably pick up a blaster for a review further down the line, but unless I’m completely bowled over by it, it’s unlikely to be a product that will feature highly on my ‘must-have’ list!!


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