All UK-based Sports Card Collectors – READ THIS!

A few days ago a gentleman by the name of David Marshall contacted me regarding a collection of sports cards that he inherited from his uncle.

David has been attempting to sell these locally, in the Lakenheath area, through an online small-ads service, so far without much success. But he saw this blog and contacted me to see (a) if I was interested in buying them, or (b) if I knew of anyone else who might be interested.

David estimates that there might be around 40,000 cards (a shop’s stock, as he describes it) of various US sports and there is a mixture of sealed wax, sets and singles. David’s uncle originally amassed this collection with the intention of selling then on to the servicemen at the nearby US airbases and this is basically what’s left. As I understand a lot of the stuff hails from the 80’s and 90’s but there could well be stuff dating back much further.

You can click on this link to take you to his online listing – Topps Baseball, NFL, & Ice Hockey Trading Cards

Now, I haven’t turned The Wax Fantastic into a classifieds site, but I thought that this might be an offer too good to pass up for someone out there. Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to snap the collection up myself but there could be someone more than happy to help David out, and take literally thousands of sports cards off his hands.

This a quote directly from one of the emails he sent me…

“My Uncle collected all sorts of things in his time – Antiques – Rupert Books, but, it has become a Family joke to be left with a Legacy of Cards, in respect of which we are struggling to discover, what is really there, in terms of value.

There are undoubtably gems amongst them, and indeed one US Airman did many years ago come to have a look. He was overwhelmed by their sheer number, but did say that (at the time), he found a card amongst them, he thought worth around £1,000 on it’s own!”

If that doesn’t whet your appetite then I don’t know what will!!

He advises that a viewing is essential as he has no idea what’s in the collection, so if you’re in or around Suffolk (or fancy a trip out there) then drop him a line!! There could well be some really nice finds amongst the cards that will make it well worth someone’s time to take the trip in the first place!

Obviously, my 15% finders fee will apply as always 🙂


4 thoughts on “All UK-based Sports Card Collectors – READ THIS!

  1. Intriguing. Alas, I don’t have a grand spare either and live further away from Suffolk than you! I’d love to have a rifle through it all though. Any petting zoos nearby I can bring the wife and kids to?!! Lack of funds aside, there’s no way I’d consider buying it blind – even for 40,000 cards. Too much risk of worthless 80s & 90s junk. Of course, if there is really a $1000 card among the lot, I’d be all over it. Can always rob a bank.

    Btw, no posts for three days? Your adoring public demands more!

    1. Hi there Shay.

      I’ve been away with work from Wednesday to Friday, hence the lack of posts… Nice to know I’m missed in some small capacity though 🙂

      I think the fun part about this collection will just be rifling through it to see what’s in there. The content might not be worth £1000+ but it would be great to see for myself!!

      Really is a shame it’s so far.

      I used to go to a Sunday card show at the airbase at Mildenhall (just a few miles south) in the late 90’s, but I wasn’t living in Nottingham then.

  2. How did I missed this.
    Did you happen to see on ebay a few weeks back, the lot of baseball/basketball/football cards, boxed, labelled that was found in the back of a storage shed in Reading. The guy apparently found them behind furniture that was stored there. There was a similar amount of cards (20 100 card boxes at least and some unopened boxes). The Buy it Now price???? £65. I saw it, ran upstairs to find out if we were doing anything on the weekend, came back to buy it-a big mistake- and it had sold. I contacted the seller to say I was interested but very slow and stupid, if the sale fell through I would buy the lot. Unfortunately the sale went through.
    I have blog post about this sad affair waiting to be finished. But the thought of it makes me weep a little.
    I would like to have a look at these cards but at £1000, it is a little too steep.

    1. John… That’s got to sting. Finds like that almost never materialise over here!! I’d have been crushed as well.

      Agree with you on the price of this one. I think the total price is based upon what the airman told him the single card might be worth and he’s just taken it from there.

      Naturally it doesn’t take into account all the other issues like the age and condition of the card!!

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