2013 Topps: A Tale of Two Inserts

With the excitement steadily building ahead of the release of the first of this years Topps Baseball card products (Hobby hits on 30th January with Retail no doubt dropping a few days before), I’ve just spent a few minutes going over the design and something struck me…

This has got to be the most divided I’ve ever felt over the release of Topps’ flagship product, and it comes down to this –


Ding Ding… Seconds Out… Round 1

Oh dear… Parallels again!! This years parallels of the base card have got to be the most eclectic yet in terms of their appearance. And I’m sorry to say, I think that they’re probably the most ugliest as well!

And why on earth do we need so many??? Check this out –

Emerald Foil – Odds: 1:6 Packs
Gold – Serial #/2013
Desert Camo Foil Parallel – Serial #/99
Pink Parallel – Serial #/50
Platinum Parallel – Serial #1/1
Printing Plates (4 Colors) 1/1 (Hobby Boxes Only)

2013 Topps Parallels
2013 Topps Parallels

I’ve read quite a few opinions on this on Twitter and various other forums over the last few weeks and the general consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive towards these parallels.  I don’t know if its just me or not but there’s something that doesn’t sit well with me about them, aside from the fact that there’s too damn many of them!!

Personally I think they’re horrible! The Camo and Pink parallels especially! I can understand the need for Topps to continue to reinvent and invigorate the their main Baseball set but I just can’t help but think that the designers are trying to be different for difference sake!

Don’t get me wrong – I love the base card design! Absolutely love it!! A real change of direction from the last few years designs and it really works! But I don’t like seeing all of those refractor parallels in the Chrome products, and I don’t really like seeing the numerous parallels here either!

Seconds Out… Round 2

And now for the inserts!


Best Topps Inserts Ever!! Some of these designs are just sublime!

Love the minis (based on the classic 1972 design) and the mini relics; love the Chasing History relics and autos; even love the manufactured relics this time around!

2013 Topps Inserts
2013 Topps Inserts
2013 Topps Minis
2013 Topps Minis

Did I say I love the minis already??

Ding Ding… Seconds Out… Round 3

Do we really need to bother with a third round?? No contest really!

While I might not like the parallels, and I submit that it’s just a personal issue with these types of parallels in general, the inserts are just fantastic!!

WINNER – The Inserts

Now, about those super short print surprises that everybody loves…


4 thoughts on “2013 Topps: A Tale of Two Inserts

  1. Those minis look sweet! I would say that though, since the design is straight from my own childhood collecting heyday! I aboslutely agree on the parallels. Horrible. I went for the Topps base set last year for the first time in a while, but for 2013 I think I’ll revert back to just picking up the Tigers and save my pennies for the 2013 Heritage release.

    1. Thank the stars, Glenn… I thought I was the only one out there that didn’t like them!

      When I saw them on last years Topps FB release I though ‘uh-oh’, as I figured that what Topps would do with them for this years BB as well…

      Base is nice though and a good selection of young rookies if the checklist is anything to go buy!!

    1. I imagine they will!. It’ll probably be one of the SSP cards like they released last year with Pujols in his Angels uniform and Reyes in his Marlins.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Hamilton gets one as well in his Angels uniform as well!!

      Ahhh… Don’t you just love those SSP ‘surprises’?

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