2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Baseball Preview


Let me just add that’s the first time I’ve ever used that word and I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be doing it again, but I’ve just been having a look over the latest solicitation for 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s and I think Archives might have just slipped into 2nd place as my favourite and most anticipated set of the year so far!

These cards look absolutely gorgeous! But before I say any more here’s the sell sheet in all its glorious-ous-ness, so you can check them out for yourself.

Year in, year out A&G is one of Topps’ most popular and sought after products, and each release brings together an eclectic mix of base cards, short prints, minis, relics, and a whole host of other goodies that you won’t find in any other sports card product.

Here’s a review of a few retail packs that I did last year to give you a flavour of what you might find.

I remember seeing the preview for last years cards and getting all excited but when I eventually got my hands on them I just thought they were… OK! However this year I think all is going to change…

This years cards seem to have a much more minimalistic look to them with a clean and sharp blue border rounding off the card edge! This particular design adds a real touch of class and works really well on the minis!

There’s the usual great selection of inserts (that Ripken jr relic really stands out) and there’s a nice selection of autographs, INCLUDING PELE!!!

How cool is that??

I know that A&G isn’t always to everyone’s taste but I know what I’ll be saving my pennies for when July comes along!

And, as I said in the Bowman Inception preview that I posted yesterday, Topps HAVE been busy recently and there will be another product preview posted tomorrow! I know, I know… I’m like the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

2013 Allen & Ginter's
2013 Allen & Ginter’s

****** UPDATE ******

I’ve just come across this ‘raw’ list of potential autographs of players and champions, courtesy of Becket Media, that are to be included in the 2013 A&G set. Please note that these name are subject to change before the product hits the streets.

Pele – Soccer Legend
Sandy Koufax – Los Angeles Dodgers
Hank Aaron – Milwaukee Braves
Brett Lawrie – Toronto Blue Jays
Chris Archer – Tampa Bay Rays
Tommy  Lee – Rockstar
Trevor Bauer – Cleveland Indians
Lance Lynn – St. Louis Cardinals
Matthias Blonski – Paintball Champion
Manny Machado – Baltimore Orioles
Bill Buckner – Boston Red Sox
Juan Marichal – San Francisco Giants
Madison Bumgarner – San Francisco Giants
Starling Marte – Pittsburgh Pirates
Dylan Bundy – Baltimore Orioles
Don Mattingly – New York Yankees
Byamba – Sumo Wrester
Tom Milone – Oakland Athletics
John Calipari – College Basketball Coach
Dale Murphy – Atlanta Braves
Yoenis Cespedes – Oakland Athletics
Shawn Nadelen – Men’s Lacrossse Coach
Alex Cobb – Tampa Bay Rays
Derek Norris – Oakland Athletics
Zack Cozart – Cincinnati Reds
Paul O’Neill – New York Yankees
Johnny Cueto – Cincinnati Reds
Mike Olt Texas Rangers
Yu Darvish – Texas Rangers
Jim Palmer – Baltimore Orioles
Chris Davis – Baltimore Orioles
Jarrod Parker – Oakland Athletics
R.A. Dickey – Toronto Blue Jays
Dustin Pedroia – Boston Red Sox
Felix Doubront – Boston Red Sox
Salvador Perez – Kansas City Royals
Adam Eaton – Arizona Diamondbacks
Brandon Phillips – Cincinnati Reds
Prince Fielder – Detroit Tigers
Jurickson Profar – Texas Rangers
Avisail Garcia – Detroit Tigers
Josh Reddick – Oakland Athletics
Brett Gardner – New York Yankees
Jim Rice – Boston Red Sox
Adrian Gonzalez – Los Angeles Dodgers
Cal Ripken Jr. – Baltimore Orioles
Carlos Gonzalez – Colorado Rockies
Anthony Rizzo – Chicago Cubs
Anthony Gose – Toronto Blue Jays
Freddie Roach – Boxing Trainer
Yasmani Grandal – San Diego Padres
Wilin Rosario – Colorado Rockies
Josh Hamilton – Angels
Jean Segura – Angels
Chase Headley – San Diego Padres
James Shields – Kansas City Royals
Phil Heath – Mr. Olympia
Tyler Skaggs – Arizona Diamondbacks
Chanel Iman – Model
John Smoltz – Atlanta Braves
Brett Jackson – Chicago Cubs
Mike Trout – Angels
Adam Jones – Baltimore Orioles
Mark Trumbo – Angels
Ekolu Kalama – Champion Paddle Boarder
Jacob Turner – Detroit Tigers
Brian Kelly – College Football Coach
Lindsey Vonn – Olympic Alpine Skiier
Casey Kelly – San Diego Padres
Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals
Craig Kimbrel – Atlanta Braves
Jordan Zimmermann – Washington Nationals
Bonnie Bernstein – Broadcaster
Scott Hamilton – Figure Skater
Bill Walton – NBA Legend
Julia Mancuso – Olympic Alpine Skiier
Adam Richman – TV Personality
Ziggy Marley – Musician
McKayla Maroney – Olympic Gymnast
Mike Joy – NASCAR Broadcaster
Bobby Bowden – College Football Coach
Chrissy Teigen – Model
Henry Rollins – Musician

Pretty impressive list if you ask me with some nice additions to the Baseball line-up, including John Smoltz, Don Mattingly and Dale Murphy, alongside some nice Prospect signings such as Dylan Bundy, Manny Machado and Jurickson Profar


9 thoughts on “2013 Topps Allen & Ginter’s Baseball Preview

  1. There are definitely some incredible inclusions here. I agree, Pele is totally awesome and 100% covetable. Not only Pele, but Ziggy Marley and Henry Rollins, too.

    But, I’ve wrestled with the Allen & Ginter releases, so much so, I haven’t built up a set yet. I’ve only purchased cards here and there from A&G and while I like they’re design, I prefer Gypsy Queen’s cards a lot more. No, I’m not getting the hits that A&G maintains the potential of owning, but for an everyday base set, Gypsy Queen (and Topps Chrome) have been those I have targeted for the past while.

    You mention above, this is your second most anticipated release now. Your first?

    With my Gypsy Queen and Chrome not released for a while, I’ll probably have to buy a big hobby box of Topps Series 1 just to make it until my priority sets are released. Something’s just got to get opened!


    1. Hey!

      I loved GQ when it first appeared, not so much with last years and I have a horrible feeling that this years release might appeal even less! That said, the same can be said of A&G over the years I guess.

      I love A&G and get really excited about it… but when it hits the streets I tend to less enthused for some reason. I agree with what you say about the problems around building a set as well. I think A&Gs downfall is the thing that makes it great in the first place – variety!! It’s easy to get excited about all it has to offer in the months building up to it, but when it finally arrives I guess it can be overwhelming knowing where to start… unless you go in with a specific game plan!

      Living in the UK makes it harder due to higher shipping costs and the risk of extra customs charges. A fun hobby suddenly becomes a very expensive enterprise if you’re not careful, so it pays for collectors over here to be more frugal and careful over what they collect!

      In answer to your question about anticipated products, Topps Archives is the other release I’m really looking forward to! Just love it, although I have a feeling this years may not be as strong as last years!

      Thanks for reading!


      1. Hey, thanks for responding, Andy. I have to hope your horrible feeling about the 2013 iteration of Gypsy Queen is wrong as it’s become a favorite of mine! : P

        So, I dug through my cards, as well as want is loitering around my want-list and it turns out there are quite a bit of Allen & Ginter cards, with significant numbers being from 2011 and 2012. Most of the cards that I seem to have targeted are base cards related to both players and teams, as well as the few SP’s that randomly caught my eye. Given that to be the case, what does any reasonable collector do? Can’t say, but what I did was in the interim of posting here on your blog, picked up two collected sets, one of 2011 and one of 2012, with SP’s for dirt cheap. Ok, ok, I can admit it, I’m really excited to add these two series to my rookie-year-back-at-collecting cards. I’ll share with you my thoughts once they’ve arrived and I’ve had a chance to pour over them.

        You mention variety. I’m unresolved on the issue. From what I’ve seen of both A&G as well as GQ, my first thought with some of the random cards and sets they include is along the lines of, “what in the…?” But typically, upon further reflection, and inspection of the cards/sets in question, I like it. Obscure, obtuse, and just plain strange fills a need and I like that someone in the industry has stepped out onto that ledge. Good on them!

        Fill me in on the Topps Archive set of 2012! Was this a strong release, in comparison with others? I have a few lingering 2001-2002 NHL season Topps Archives lying around to trade with folks that collect hockey. While it’s not my sport to collect, the cards are stunning, physically, print and design-wise.

        Look, I fear no shipping rates across the pond, nor a tax fee coming in my way. If you want a fellow collector to trade with among the Yanks, you just got one.


      2. Hi there.

        Here’s the details of 2012 Topps Archives


        and here’s my preview of 2013 Topps Archives


        You’re right about the relative risk taking involved in A&G, and don’t get me wrong – it’s the variety aspect to it that draws me into A&G in the first place! The fact that it’s not a ‘traditional’ Baseball release is awesome and I’m a big fan of the non-Baseball minis. I’ve got several complete sets from the last few years… The problem I find with A&G is that there’s ‘too’ much content that I like… More a reflection on me as a collector (need to set limits) than the product itself, but what can you do?

        And I’m not completely down on GQ either 🙂 I tried to put a set of the mini parallels together last year but realised after a short while that it would end up being a near hopeless task given my geographical location!

        I’ve only been back in the Hobby for a couple of years (after a good few years absence) and am a very restless and impatient collector. I’ve pulled apart more collections than I’ve put together – for most of the fun is in the notion and feel of collecting, rather than the collection itself.

        I’m currently in the process of re-assessing how I collect anyway, concentrating on items that have a special significance or that I have a connection with, rather than trying to complete a player collection or a set.

        That said, I’d still consider collecting a set of something if it really blew me a way, I’ve just got to learn to be more selective!

        Unless I win the lottery this year, of course!!

      3. Thank you for the links.

        Ok, ok, both sets look phenomenal.

        Have you seen the Topps Cracker Jack sets from the past?

        For lack of knowing where to find a number of images to the set, I found this 2005 set for your consideration (and a set I found for quite cheap):

        Your thoughts? I find they fit well into that “Archive” or “Heritage” type of a set. Attractive.

        “I’ve only been back in the Hobby for a couple of years (after a good few years absence) and am a very restless and impatient collector. I’ve pulled apart more collections than I’ve put together – for most of the fun is in the notion and feel of collecting, rather than the collection itself.”

        …well said. I’m just back to collecting after 20+ years away. Going through my cards from childhood a few months ago was incredible and has inspired re-engaging the hobby. A few months into it now and it’s been nothing but fun.

      4. I wasn’t collecting when Cracker Jack came out but it is a nice set. I have a real fondness for retro sets anyway so it was never going to be a hard sell on that count 🙂

        I’m more of a fan of Heritage myself. I’ve just posted a new piece on the first Heritage set. Now that we’re following each other on Twitter we should be able to catch up that way. Twitter has been a fantastic way of reaching out to other collectors and those in the industry, and it’s been an incredibly important tool in helping me establish this blog!

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