2013 Bowman Inception Baseball Preview

Topps appear to have been busy recently!

With rumours of several product previews coming in the very near future, many were surprised to see Bowman Inception slip under the radar earlier this week.

A well received and popular Football brand for the last couple of years, Inception is now being released on the Baseball Prospect collectors market (I’m taking a punt here and guessing that it will replace Bowman Platinum, another Prospect driven release due at a similar time of the year) and you can see the first images on the sell sheet right here.

So… any thoughts??

I’ve got too admit that my first impressions aren’t too favourable. I’m not a big fan of Topps’ ‘other’ Bowman output (Platinum and Sterling) and the look and style of these cards feels to me as if the design department was trying a little too hard!

What’s the deal with all those clouds?? Very atmospheric I’m sure, but several of them look as if the faces of Death Eaters are going to appear out of them!

Last years Inception Football release has been criticised for a high degree of chipping around the card edges, so it will be interesting to see if Topps has learned from that experience, as well as taking on board the feedback received from 5-Star Baseball late last year around the very same issue!

I’m more than happy to reserve my judgement until I can get my hands on one of the cards to see it up close, but as of now it’s a big ‘Thumbs Down’ from me I’m afraid!!

I’m curious to know what the rest of you think!

2013 Bowman Inception Dylan Bundy Autograph
2013 Bowman Inception Dylan Bundy Autograph

4 thoughts on “2013 Bowman Inception Baseball Preview

  1. I would be a thumbs down for me too. I know there is a market for this high end stuff, but I cannot see anyone getting weak at the knees about this particular product. I wish they would put just a little more effort into the ‘ordinary’ cards that the majority of the collectors want to collect. Sequentially numbered autographs of different colours??? At least the autographs are actually on the cards.

  2. I’m glad to see you put up a “preview” post. I thought for a second that I was going crazy. I posted a preview of Topps 2013 Series 1 and this guy decided to post in a few different places that I can’t possibly to a preview of cards when I don’t have them in hand. I mean… isn’t that basically the point of a preview? lol

    1. Ha Ha!!!

      Exactly right! What else can a Preview be? Obviously the dude’s getting mixed up with a Review, but still…

      Some people should get their facts straight first before they star mud-slinging!

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