Spot The Difference!

Very rarely do I do a back-to-back post on the same topic, but while perusing eBay a few moments ago on the look out for Kevin Gausman cards I came across a couple of cards that put a smile on my face and I just had to share…

I’m a giving kind of guy like that!!

Anyway, while checking out the Gausman cards I first looked at this years output, mainly concentrating on Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects! Then I thought I’d check out what 2011 products he was in… And luckily I found that he also appeared in last years Topps USA Baseball!! Bonus!! And he’s got a reasonably priced autograph in there as well!

But it wasn’t until I had a look at his 2012 Bowman Draft base and his 2011 Topps USA base together, and I thought… Hold on – what gives?!?!

Well, see for yourself…

Spot The Difference
Spot The Difference

Now, I know that Topps have a history of re-using player photography on their cards going back to the 50’s… but come on!!! That’s some heavy photo-shopping going on there!!

Assuming that the Team USA photo is the original (and that may well be a big ask) then I have to ask how many of the other cards in the 2012 Bowman Draft set have been doctored in this way? And does it make that much difference to collectors knowing that a players ‘1st Bowman Card’ may well be mocked up from an older image?

Don’t get me wrong, whoever’s edited the original image has done a bang up job, but still… you know… doesn’t it somehow feel just a little bit wrong??

Unless, of course, I’ve got it completely wrong and Kevin Gausman has the most constant and consistent pitching delivery in the whole of Baseball, right up the same facial grimace and flip of the neck-chain.

You just never know…


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