Starting A New Card Collection

I’ve recently posted at length about the Prospect cards that can be found across the range of Bowman products released by Topps each year!

Mostly I’ve been irked by the fact that they often appear to be taking over from the venerable old Rookie card as the ‘valuable’ first card in collector’s personal player collections!

But maybe I’m doing them a disservice? I’ve recently been swayed by a purchase of a box of 2012 Bowman Draft, and am contemplating buying another in the none to distant future.

On the back of my purchase of the first box I’ve started to look into the Draft Class of 2012, getting to know the young player’s names, their positions, who drafted them, etc, etc… I’ve also started to read a few Scouting Reports on certain players who have caught my eye – one of which is this years #4 pick, Kevin Gausman.

Gausman was drafted and signed by the Baltimore Orioles, adding another young arm to join the other pitching ace, Dylan Bundy! The O’s have a great selection of young players coming up through their farm system and, after their first playoff appearance since the days of Cal Ripken Jr and Brady Anderson, the future is looking rosy for Baseball in Baltimore!

And why an O’s Prospect?? Well my first (and only) live Baseball game was at Camden Yards back in 1997, so despite being a Cardinals fan first and foremost, I’ve always had an affinity for the Birds. Must be my penchant for orange, I guess 🙂

So I’m aiming to start picking up a few Gausman cards, with the hope of snaring the card below as my first acquisition! I’ve got my eye on a couple on eBay at the moment, so crossed fingers and all that!

2012 Bowman Draft Kevin Gausman Prospect Auto
2012 Bowman Draft Kevin Gausman Prospect Auto

I’ll hopefully pick up a few more of these autographed prospect cards (I’ll stick to 1st Round Draft picks to make life simple) over the coming months and I’ll keep you all up to date as and when they materialise!


2 thoughts on “Starting A New Card Collection

  1. Hey Andy,

    Since returning to the hobby last year, I’ve been a lot more focused than I was previously. I now only collect non-relic Brewers, and only in their Brewer uniform. Cheap stuff basically! Anyway, it’s meant selling my other stuff so I shipped off anything of value to COMC and will get round to sticking the junk I have left on ebayUK sometime – factory sets excepted. I’ve been delighted with my sales thus far. However, with two young ‘uns under 4, I still can’t really justify even buying the $5-10 cards I have a penchant for so I need to do a little flipping in order to buy myself the occasional gold refractor! I’m finding prospecting to be an enjoyable way of self-funding, so far anyway. I’ve been mixing it between those nearing a call-up (and a quick return) and more long-term projects. I’ve also been avoiding the more expensive ones since I simply can’t afford them to fail. Francisco Lindor, in the Indians’ system, is my current pet project. He’s probably the cheapest of the ‘elite’ prospects, at least from the 2011 crop, so it’s less of a sting if he doesn’t pan out. I can’t afford to keep all my eggs in one basket either so I’ve picked up about 8 or 10 different players’ autos. I don’t know so much about the 2012 guys yet but I’ll not be buying any Almoras, Zuninos or Solers at current prices!

    On a happy Orioles related bit of prospecting, I picked up a 2011 Bowman Manny Machado auto off ebayUK last May for 99p! Still got that one mind – forgot to send it off!

    Good luck with the Gausmans – rated no2 in the O’s farm already, eh? Not exactly a disgrace to be ranked behind Dylan Bundy either.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi there Shay!

      Great to hear from you again and thanks for your comments on this! I’ve been really unsure about pursuing prospects but it’s nice to know that someone else over here is doing it as well! Lindor’s a great catch as well… Some of those 2011 players have rocketed in price so good to know that there are still quality player options at reasonable prices!

      And nice catch on the Machado as well – well jealous!! He was one of the guys I was looking at but he’s just too pricey 😦

      I was also looking at Trevor Bauer as a possible option but rumours about his attitude while he was still with the D’Backs influenced that decision in the end!!

      I’d have liked to have gone for Oscar Taveras from the Cards but he has the same problem as Machado!

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