2013 Topps Tier One Baseball Preview

Well, here we are (safe and sound, I hope) in 2013 and already there’s Baseball card news a’breakin!

The details for the next of Topps’ high-end products, 2013 Tier One Baseball, went live a few weeks ago and you can find the sell sheet by clicking here!

As always Topps appear to have pulled out all the stops in terms of upping the ante in the design department and there are several definite improvements across the range of cards from last years release.

However, one thing that keeps standing out in these high end releases from Topps is that there’s not much variation (from product to product) in the autographs on offer. Sure, it’s nice to see all the Aaron’s and Koufax’s (and even nicer to pull one, I’d wager), but each release sees the same names appearing again, and again, and again! Obviously a high end product dictates that Topps brings out the ‘big guns’ for their signed cards, but it would be nice to see some different names appearing in the future!

Recent products like Leaf Memories and Panini’s Cooperstown Baseball have proven that collectors will flock in droves to get hold of those players whose signatures we don’t see on Baseball cards that often, and I believe this is why 2012 Topps Archives was a nice change from the norm in terms of its autograph content.

So Topps, how about we see some other names appearing some time soon? Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, The Big Hurt? Or how about 2012’s latest Cooperstown inductee – Barry Larkin?? Nice to see Rickey Henderson appearing in Tier One though!! I’ll be after that one if the budget will stretch 🙂

Maybe do a poll on Twitter or something, where collectors can put there suggestions forward??

Just a thought!


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