Well… That’s Interesting!

With the fun and frolics of the Yule-tide period firmly behind us I’m happy to report that it’s back to business as usual for ‘The Wax Fantastic’. And in this first post-Christmas post I just wanted to revisit some comments I made a couple of weeks ago in my Open Letter To Topps Cards.

The idea of my ‘open letter’ was to (humbly) suggest some possible alternatives to the current Bowman Baseball releases in order to simplify the process of Rookie card collecting. One of those suggestions was to remove the Bowman Chrome release from the end of year Baseball products (which seemed to me like a good idea at the time) until I read this article by Paul Lesko from ‘The Cardboard Connection’.

Law of Cards: How Much Does Topps Make from Chrome?


In fairness to Topps, they’re some pretty impressive numbers!!

So, while I was busy waiting for a letter from Topps along the lines of…

Dear Andy.

Thanks for your ideas regarding our Bowman Baseball brand. In light of your insightful suggestions we’ve decided to go ahead and implement your proposals with immediate effect.

Love and hugs,

Topps xoxo

p.s. Please find enclosed a complete set of 2012 Bowman Chrome 1/1 Super-Fractors, all hand-signed specially for you

… I can now appreciate that it might not be arriving on my doorstep any time soon.

So, what have I gleaned from all of this information?

1. Topps makes a shed-load of cash from selling Chrome products

2. I know next-to-nothing about the business of branding and manufacturing sports cards

Yep, I think that’s just about it!

At the end of the day Bowman has a very loyal fan-base and is obviously a very profitable product for Topps. My quest for the simplification of the Baseball Rookie card appears to have hit a stumbling block, so back to the drawing board on this one I’m afraid!!

And after all is said and done, this years Chrome cards do look awfully nice!


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