2013 Topps MLB Opening Day Preview


Apologies but this one completely slipped under my radar. I think it’s been out for a good few weeks now but I’ve only just chanced upon it!

I always get the impression that Topps MLB Opening Day is one of those releases that a lot of collectors tend to let slide by. It’s a low price point, scaled back copy of the main 2013 Topps set, with an ‘Opening Day’ logo slapped onto the front of the card.

Due to it’s lower price per pack you don’t get as much content in terms of flashy inserts (at least not as much as other sets, anyways) but Topps does make the effort to include autographs in the product, which is a nice touch, particularly when they include David Wright and Will Middlebrooks alongside several team mascots!! Fredbird of the St Louis Cardinals is already on my radar!!

Click here to see the MLB Opening Day sell sheet for next year!


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