Review: 2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Hobby Box

As a Christmas treat a couple of weeks ago I bought a sealed box of 2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects off eBay from seller – 1958chicagofan!

24 packs per box and 7 cards per pack!!

The box was a great price with pretty decent shipping to the UK, and although it wasn’t sent as part of the Global Postage Program it arrived here safe and sound without any extra duty or charges!!

2012 Bowman Draft Box
2012 Bowman Draft Box
2012 Bowman Draft Pack
2012 Bowman Draft Pack

I was initially going to break this down into two separate posts because of its size, but then I got on a bit of a roll so here’s the review of the contents of the whole box, pack by pack, pull by pull.

Let me start by saying I’m a big fan of this years Bowman releases! Topps’ decision to release these as a white bordered card, as opposed to the black borders of the last decade and a bit, really works, and we end up with some sharp and clean cards. The photography is nice and sharp as well and the colours are really vibrant!

So I had pretty high expectations going into this purchase, and boy was I not disappointed!!

Here’s a breakdown of the packs in the order that I opened them in…

Note – The 4th and 5th cards in each pack are Chrome while the rest are standard, non-Chrome

Pack 1

Rashad Brown (DET) – 1st Bowman
Devin Mesoraco (CIN) – RC
Longoria/Zinino – Top Picks Insert
Yoenny Gonzalez (STL) – 1st Bowman Chrome (Refractor)
Adrian Marin (BAL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Mitch Haniger (MIL) – 1st Bowman
Paul Blackburn (CHC) – 1st Bowman

Pack #01

Pack 2

Paul Sewald (NYM) – 1st Bowman
Quintin Berry (DET) – 1st Bowman
Yasmani Grandal (SD) – RC
Anthony Gose (TOR) – Chrome RC
Christopher Beck (CHI) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Marcus Stroman (TOR) – 1st Bowman
Andre Martinez (MIN) – 1st Bowman

Pack #02

Pack 3

John Kuchno (PIT) – 1st Bowman
Kirk Nieuwenhuis (NYM) – RC
Matt Hague (PIT) – RC
John Silviano (TOR) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Corey Seager (LAD) – 1st Bowman Chrome (AUTO)
Caleb Frare (NYY) – 1st Bowman
Brett Wiley (STL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #03

Pack 4

Justin Jackson (MIA) – 1st Bowman
Anthony Gose (TOR) – RC
Will Hudgins (WAS) – 1st Bowman (Blue Bordered #’d 071/500)
Wei-Yin Chen (BAL) – Chrome RC
Taylor Hawkins (TB) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Max White (COL) – 1st Bowman
Mark Sappington (LAA) – 1st Bowman

Pack #04

Pack 5

Bryan Lippincott (WAS) – 1st Bowman
Wei-Yin Chen (BAL) – RC
Jordany Valdespin (NYM) – RC
Ben Waldrip (COL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Erick Gonzalez (HOU) – 1st Bowman Chrome (Refractor)
Jesmuel Valentin (LAD) – 1st Bowman
Gavin Cecchini (NYM) – 1st Bowman

Pack #05

Pack 6

Jorge Saez (TOR) – 1st Bowman
Edwar Cabrera (COL) – RC
Addison Read (CHI) – RC
Jordany Valdespin (NYM) – Chrome RC
Jorge Fernandez (MIN) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Jordan John (DET) – 1st Bowman
William Carmona (PHI) – 1st Bowman

Pack #06

Pack 7

Derrick Bleeker (BAL) – 1st Bowman
Drew Pomeranz (COL) – RC
Derek Norris (OAK) – RC
Luke Bard (MIN) – 1st Bowman Chrome (Refractor)
Lewis Brinson (TEX) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Richard Bielski (PHI) – 1st Bowman
Ryan Gibbard (MIL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #07

Pack 8

Tommy Richards (BAL) – 1st Bowman
Alex Liddi (SEA) – RC
Will Middlebrooks (BOS) – RC
Elian Herrera (LAD) – RC
Wyatt Mathisen (PIT) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Scott Oberg (COL) – 1st Bowman
Alfredo Rodriguez (MIL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #08

Pack 9

Will Hunt (MIN) – 1st Bowman
Xavier Avery (BAL) – RC
Irving Falu (KC) – RC
Robert Ravago (MIA) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Jonathan Sandfort (PIT) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Avery Romero (MIA) – 1st Bowman
Jamie Jarmon (TEX) – 1st Bowman

Pack #09

Pack 10

Ben Waldrip (COL) – 1st Bowman
Bryce Harper (WAS) – RC
A.J. Griffin (OAK) – RC
Mike Mudron (WAS) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Kole Calhoun (LAA) – Chrome RC
Joey Gallo (TEX) – 1st Bowman
James Ramsey (STL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #10

Pack 11

Joseph Almaraz (STL) – 1st Bowman
Kole Calhoun (LAA) – RC
Andrelton Simmons (ATL) – RC
Patrick Merkling (MIA) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Matt Hague (PIT) – Chrome RC
Patrick Wisdom (STL) – 1st Bowman
Shane Watson (PHI) – 1st Bowman

Pack #11

Pack 12

Casey McCarthy (MIA) – 1st Bowman
Elian Herrera (LAD) – RC
Chad Carman (PHI) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Julio Felix (DET) – 1st Bowman (Silver Ice Parallel)
Brian Johnson (BOS) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Jeffrey Poppick (COL) – 1st Bowman
Jacob Thompson (DET) – 1st Bowman

Pack #12

Pack 13

John Silviano (TOR) – 1st Bowman
Wily Peralta (MIL) – RC
McCutchen/Springer – Top Picks Insert
Steve Bean (STL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Ron Miller (MIA) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Kevin Plawecki (NYM) – 1st Bowman
Tyler Naquin (CLE) – 1st Bowman

Pack #13

Pack 14

Jake Pitnar (BAL) – 1st Bowman
Brett Jackson (CHC) – RC
Jonathan Murphy (MIN) – 1st Bowman (Orange Bordered #’d 190/250)
Andrelton Simmons (ATL) – Chrome RC
Tyler Tewell (ATL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Pierce Johnson (CHC) – 1st Bowman
Andrew Pullin (PHI) – 1st Bowman

Pack #14

Pack 15

Kevin Brady (PHI) – 1st Bowman
Tyler Thornburg (MIL) – RC
Wade Miley (ARI) – RC
Wade Miley (ARI) – Chrome RC (Blue Refractor #’d 115/250)
Matt Wessinger (COL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Nathan Minnich (BOS) – 1st Bowman
Clayton Henning (TB) – 1st Bowman

Pack #15

Pack 16

Craig Manuel (WAS) – 1st Bowman
Norichika Aoki (MIL) – RC
Adam Giacalone (MIL) – 1st Bowman (Blue Bordered #’d 409/500)
Devin Mesoraco (CIN) – Chrome RC
Jake Lamb (ARI) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Michael Vaughan (MIA) – 1st Bowman
David Dahl (COL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #16

Pack 17

Bryan Haar (MIN) – 1st Bowman
Jeremy Hefner (NYM) – RC
Hisashi Iwakuma (SEA) – RC
Dominic Leone (SEA) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Dylan Cozens (PHI) – 1st Bowman Chrome (Refractor)
Parker Morin (KC) – 1st Bowman
Matthew Price (BAL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #17

Pack 18

Will Hudgins (WAS) – 1st Bowman
Christian Friedrich (COL) – RC
Dallas Keuchel (HOU) – RC
Quintin Berry (DET) – Chrome RC
Brandon Brennan (CHI) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Austin Aune (NYY) – 1st Bowman
Richie Shaffer (TB) – 1st Bowman

Pack #18

Pack 19

Robert Benincasa (WAS) – 1st Bowman
Trevor Bauer (ARI) – RC
Matt Moore (TB) – RC
Kevin McKague (ATL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Tom Milone (OAK) – Chrome RC
Rowan Wick (STL) – 1st Bowman
Max Foody (STL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #19

Pack 20

Benjamin Kline (TB) – 1st Bowman
Yu Darvish (TEX) – RC
Hamiltion/Harper – Top Picks Insert
Lucas Sims (ATL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Matt Olson (OAK) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Alex Yarbrough (LAA) – 1st Bowman
Hudson Randall (DET) – 1st Bowman

Pack #20

Pack 21

Thomas Coyle (TB) – 1st Bowman
Drew Hutchinson (TOR) – RC
Tom Milone (OAK) – RC
Kirk Nieuwenhuis (NYM) – Chrome RC
Michael Wacha (STL) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Eddie Butler (COL) – 1st Bowman
Mike Morin (LAA) – 1st Bowman

Pack #21

Pack 22

Charles Gillies (DET) – 1st Bowman
Liam Hendriks (MIN) – RC
Jordan Pacheco (COL) – RC
Austin Dean (MIA) – 1st Bowman Chrome (Refractor)
Tyler Gonzalez (TOR) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Mike Dodig (ATL) – 1st Bowman
Connor Lien (ATL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #22

Pack 23

Chris Cowell (COL) – 1st Bowman
Steve Clevenger (CHC) – RC
Tyler Pastornicky (ATL) – RC
Hunter Bailey (WAS) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Yasmani Grandal (SD) – Chrome RC
Keon Barnum (CHI) – 1st Bowman
Bralin Jackson (TB) – 1st Bowman

Pack #23

Pack 24

Jonathan Murphy (MIN) – 1st Bowman
Matt Adams (STL) – RC
Jeter/Almora – Top Picks Insert
Peter O’Brien (NYY) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Kyle Zimmer (KC) – 1st Bowman Chrome
Mitch Gueller (PHI) – 1st Bowman
Victor Roache (MIL) – 1st Bowman

Pack #24

So… there you have it!!

I don’t know if any of you are big fans of prospecting or of younger ball players just on the cusp of their careers, but there’s plenty on offer in Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, as is to be expected. In the UK we don’t learn a great deal about prospects. College players and Minor Leaguers are pretty much an unknown quantity (unless there’s a great deal of hype surrounding them a la Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper) until they arrive in the Bigs!

In this box I got one of the Harper RCs that I’d been after, along with a host of other bigger names such as Yu Darvish, Will Middlebrooks, Matt Moore and Trevor Bauer.

Another thing that I was really surprised and pleased about was the high number of Cardinals players that I pulled. I’ll need to go back to the checklist but I think I managed to get them all in either a base, Chrome or refractor form!!

Aside from the usual refractors there are other inserts in this product and I managed to get four of the ‘Bowman’s Top Picks’ set, showing a previous high numbered draft pick on the same card as a more recent pick! I was a bit Meh on these inserts as they did absolutely nothing for me.

But all this aside, the thing that stood out the most about this whole set was the Chrome cards. In recent years the Chrome cards in these types of products have been prone to bending but this years are very straight. I’m not sure what Topps has changed in the production process but this years Chrome cards are highly desirable and look absolutely amazing!!

Obviously I also got my one per box autograph, of the Dodgers 2012 1st Round Pick, Corey Seager… but more about that little beauty another time!!

So overall I’m really impressed and pleased with the look and quality of 2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects!! A good question to ask about the quality of a card product is ‘Would you go and buy another box on the back of this one?’, and the answer is a resounding YES – although given the quality of the Chrome cards I may well be tempted to buy a box of 2012 Bowman Chrome instead!!


A excellent quality product and very happy with the pulls!

In summary –

Best Card – Corey Seager Chrome Autograph – Very nice card and a great prospect!!

Worst Card – Richard Bielski (Pack 7) – Not the most flattering of photos

Best Insert – Any of the Chrome refractors… The Chrome cards look awesome!!

Worst Insert – Not a big fan of the Bowman Top Picks!!

Overall Rating – 9/10


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