I Feel The Need To Give Something Away!

Now, despite already outlining my disdain for the Christmas holiday season I find myself getting more and more festive as we near the time of our annual visit from old St. Nick!

And to capture this rather unusual moment I’ve decided to act on a somewhat uncharacteristic bout of generosity and share something from my Baseball card collection to commemorate the season of ‘giving’!!

And here’s what one lucky soul will be receiving…

2012 Topps Museum Collection - Matt Kemp Primary Pieces Quad (Front)
2012 Topps Museum Collection – Matt Kemp Primary Pieces Quad (Front)
2012 Topps Museum Collection - Matt Kemp Primary Pieces Quad (Back)
2012 Topps Museum Collection – Matt Kemp Primary Pieces Quad (Back)

Now, as this is the first thing I’ve decided to give away through the blog I’m not really sure if it’s too little or too much… Obviously it will appeal to you Dodgers fans out there, but there may be some of you who know Dodgers fans and could use it in a trade. I’ll leave it up to the lucky person who gets their hands on it. It’s from the 2012 Topps Museum Collection – it’s got a patch piece in the top left-hand corner and bat pieces in the remaining windows… and it’s #’d 26/99.

So, what exactly do you have to do to get hold of the card?

Well, in the three months since I started this blog I’ve been active in the crazy world of social media that is Twitter. Probably not active enough but I’m working on changing that all the time. And in the period that I’ve been on Twitter @TheWaxFantastic has managed to amass a grand total of 42 followers (as of this moment, 11:24pm on Tuesday 18th December 2012).

Anyone who followers this blog on a regular/semi-regular basis has my eternal gratitude for coming along for the ride. And I’m sure that my hard-hitting, Hobby-shaking exposes into the dark underbelly of Baseball card collecting (give me a bit of licence here, OK?) from a slightly English perspective, are just one of the many reasons you’ve stuck around thus far. And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have offered your comments and feedback along the way.

The responses so far have been overwhelmingly positive – with the possible exception of one person who called me “a sad, sorry excuse for a wannabe Baseball fan” and an “amateur hack writer who has a worse understanding of syntax than most 6 year olds”. I have taken action over this and told my mum that if she did it again I’d block her from my Twitter account and change her laptop password while she wasn’t looking…

Well, not wanting to rest on my laurels I’m keen to expand the readership of The Wax Fantastic even further so I’ll be giving this card away to a random follower on Twitter as soon as I get to 100 total followers!! That’s my goal and I’ll try and stick to it.

So to be in with a chance of winning this little beauty, crammed full of Matt Kemp goodness, you’ll need to follow @TheWaxFantastic on Twitter. Simple as that!! You can do this by adding me to your account or by clicking on the Twitter button on the side of this page.

I can appreciate that 100 followers won’t happen over night but please retweet whenever you get the chance. You may well know someone that would love to own this card so let them know that it’s up for grabs!!

Once the card has been won I’ll post it completely free of charge to wherever you are in the world!! This one’s on me 🙂

So… start getting the word out there and help me get the blog to a wider audience! Your time and assistance, as always, will be greatly appreciated!!


6 thoughts on “I Feel The Need To Give Something Away!

  1. NIce card! I’ve yet to succumb to the call of the Twitterati, so it won’t be gracing my collection, but I can still send along my best wishes for Wax Fabtastic’s expansion program!

    1. I tried to think of another way of doing this giveaway as a contest through the blog but couldn’t think of decent way of doing it. I’ll give it some thought and try and come up with an alternative idea (just through the blog) at some point in the future!!

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