The ‘True’ Nature of Card Collecting

Earlier this evening I read a post by Chris Mays (@MadGlavSmoltz if you’re on Twitter) over at Talking Chop. Click on this link below to have a look yourself, it’s really worth a few minutes of your time, trust me!!

The Card of the Year

Although I don’t know Chris there are two things that strike me about him – one, he loves the Braves and two, he loves collecting Baseball cards! And that’s pretty cool by me!

After reading Chris’s article I felt obligated, nay compelled, to put fingers to keyboard and share my thoughts.

What Chris wrote really struck a chord with me, more so than anything I’ve read in a while relating to Baseball cards and the Hobby in general.

You see… Chris gets it!! More than opening up a pack of cards to get the next Mike Trout Auto Refractor GU Jersey #’d/10 (or whatever), Chris has highlighted a card that he has an emotional connection to, a visceral response that speaks volumes about him as a sports fan and card collector that most people who pick up Baseball cards (including myself) often forget about!!

In one post Chris has reminded me about all that’s good in collecting cards! It’s all in the details… what’s captured in that single frame and placed onto a Topps Baseball card (the reaction by Hudson to his home run and the response from the fans and his team-mates) would pass the majority of people by. There would be no meaning or importance attached to it… but not to Chris Mays!!

You see, this is the ‘true’ nature of collecting!! And sadly, it’s something that I’m sure a lot of card fans have forgotten about!

The ‘true’ nature of collecting isn’t about the big case hits or box hits that everyone seems to care about these days… the ‘true’ nature of collecting is all about the smaller details, those instances that come along every now and then where we pick up a small piece of cardboard and something just hits us, something that triggers a long buried memory or elicits an emotional response that serves to remind us all why we began collecting in the first place…

So once in a while it’s worth revisiting our collections just to look a little bit harder at the cards we all own and think over why they’re there in the first place! You never know what you might find! Maybe you’ll come across something that you’d forgotten was even there in the first place… And if that ‘something’ ends up bringing even the smallest of smiles to your face..? Well, you don’t need me to tell you what that’s worth.

More than that Mike Trout card, I’ll wager!


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