Jersey Gate – Where Are We Now?

One of the earliest posts that I wrote when I first started this blog looked at an FBI case involving a a guy called Brad Wells who, through his company Authentic Sports Investments, supplied fraudulent Game-Used bats and jerseys to a variety of Hobby sources, including the major sports card companies. Feel free to click this link if you missed it the first time round…

A couple of months later I read a post by Dan Good on the Cards by Sooz blog that further examined the phenomena of game-used cards in the Hobby and the possible impact of the Wells fraud case for the future. Click here for the full article, it makes an interesting read!!

And while perusing Twitter the other day I came across a tweet from VoiceOfTheCollector (@VOTC) reminding us that none of the major card companies have yet responded to the allegations made by Wells… which is a bit disconcerting if you ask me!

This article was from the NY Daily News just after the original story about Wells hit the headlines, and gives a bit more background into Well’s comments about how the card companies were aware that their agents were purchasing bogus game-used memorabilia in the mid to late 2000’s…

So where does all this leave us now? Well the truth is we might never know. I guess we can only hope, as Dan suggests, that card companies are more vigilant in the future and have better controls in place to vet the game-used bats, jerseys, and other bits and pieces, that pass into their hands and end up stuck in a piece of card…

As to the wall of silence from the card companies themselves??? Maybe there’s some sort of legal reason that they’re not being forthcoming at the moment. Lawsuits anyone??

You could have expected some sort of comment from at least one of ‘big guys’ but the fact that we’ve heard nothing is open to a great deal of interpretation from sports card fans the world over. And don’t get me started on the whole trust issue…

So how about it Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, et al.? How about putting us all out of our misery and telling us what you actually know?!?!?!

I, for one, would like to know that my 2006 A&G Dontrelle Willis GU Jersey card is the ‘Real Deal’, wouldn’t you?


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