There’s Something About Bryce…

Let me spell it out from the start… I’m not traditionally a ‘band wagon jumper’!

I don’t normally get swept along with the crowd when the ‘Next Big Thing’ arrives in Baseball, as these sort of things often have a habit of fizzling out before time and once hyped up prospects usually end up in the penny boxes at card shows – Lastings Milledge or Sean Burroughs anyone?

But there’s something about Bryce Harper that has been teasing me for some time. From his first MLB start back in April of this year Bryce Harper has swiftly made a name for himself as one of the most compelling young players in sports!

Earlier in the year The Washington Post pointed out that Harper’s stats in the early part of his career were uncannily similar to a couple of retired players you might have heard of called Mantle and Griffey Jr. In 248 at-bats, Harper was hitting .282 with an on-base percentage of .354 and a slugging percentage of .472. Through 238, Mantle was hitting .261 with an OBP of .341 and a slugging percentage of .424. Griffey was hitting .279 with an OBP of .343 and a slugging percentage of .472. All of these players were 19 years old at the time. Another ‘old timer’ by the name of Willie Mays also posted similar stats at the age of 20…

Just saying, that’s all…

The hype and excitement that follows Harper on the Baseball diamond has naturally followed him into the Baseball card market, and 2012 is the year of his Rookie!!

Ryan and the guys over at Cardboard Connection have just published this handy article showcasing all of Harper’s available Rookie cards, along with several of his earlier cards. It’s a great little piece as it gives a brief description of the product where each card comes from as well as highlighting how rare the card is and what it’s potential is for the future.

Bryce Harper Baseball Cards: Rookie Cards Checklist and Buying Guide

It wasn’t until I read this article that I realised I owned no Harper cards!!

I’ll be rectifying that this very night!!

So, if like a lot of people out there you believe that Bryce Harper is Baseball’s ‘Second Coming’ then it might be worth picking a few of these Rookies now as I don’t think we’ve hit the ceiling with some of them yet!!

So, ask me if I think some of these cards are worth the money that they’re going for on the secondary market – No, I’d say not! But since Hype + Market Desirability = Inflated Value there’s very little we can probably do about that 🙂

Ask me if I think Harper is worth all the hype that surrounds him at the moment, that’s an easy one… That’s a clown question, bro!


2 thoughts on “There’s Something About Bryce…

  1. I’ll admit to being a miserable, crotchety old (well, 42) git who isn’t a Harper fan. I was kinda pleased to see him struggle early on but I try to be objective when judging performance and I thought he’d turned things round enough by year’s end to be a worthy NL-ROY, something I wouldn’t have foreseen maybe as late as September 1st. Did you catch the article on Fangraphs last month by Dave Cameron where he says he’d still take Harper over Trout for their career? I’d definitely like him more if he were a Brewer!

    Which card(s) did you pick up, btw?

    1. He’s a precocious talent, I’ll give him that. As long as he keeps himself grounded I think he’ll turn out well, but there’s that chance he might buy into the hype (especially given his age) and let it all go to his head!

      I agree about Harper over Trout though. For all we know Trout’s already gone and had his ‘career year’… I might try and find that article!

      I didn’t get any cards in the end!! I was looking into his Topps RC (#661) but even though it’s short printed there were a couple on eBay for around the $200 mark. I did see the card for around $20-30 but realised after that it was his mini card!

      I’ve got that box of Bowman Draft coming soon so I’ll see if I get one in there… I might pick his Bowman Chrome one up as well. The other two that I’d love to get are the aforementioned Topps and his Archives SP, but they’ll have to wait til another day 🙂

      Too many cards… Never enough cash!

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