‘Gibson-Quest’ – 1975

Earlier this month I outlined my plans to collect every Bob Gibson Topps base card all the way from his rookie in 1959 and ending with his final year card in 1975.

You can read the article here if you missed it the first time.

Well, the first card in this ‘mini-collection’ arrived today and it’s a beauty…

1975 Topps Bob Gibson #150 (Front)
1975 Topps Bob Gibson #150 (Back)

Very happy with this one as I’m a big fan of the 1975 set!! Gotta love those coloured borders… They’re so… well… 70’s, I guess!!

The card is nice and sharp on the front with good colours and (more importantly) good centering! Centering is off on the back but nothing that I’m even slightly worried about!

Over all a nice clean card and a great start to the collection!

More ‘Gibby’ cards to follow soon!!!



2 thoughts on “‘Gibson-Quest’ – 1975

  1. Nice start, card looks in fabulous condition. I’m after a decent Robin Yount RC from that ’75 set, if a decent Yount card is possible in that ugly brown and orange! I have two problems – the non-battered ones for sale on COMC are horribly off-centre, and I’m tight! I do have a beaten up ’75 Hank Aaron but I’m upgrading when the opportunity arises.

    I only started selling on COMC in September but I’ve sold ’71 and ’72 Gibsons during that time. For peanuts too. They wouldn’t have been in the kind of condition you’re clearly looking for though. Good luck with the pursuit.

    1. Hey Shay!

      The problem is there’s always a bit more of a premium to pay for those vintage rookies. I used to have the George Brett and Robin Yount rookies from that set, both in pretty decent condition! They are pretty hard to find well centered though, and I’d take the centering over a couple of dinged corners any day of the week!!

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