Separated At Birth…? (Part 2)

Earlier this month I published a post where I pointed out the alarming  similarity that I’d spotted between young Giants catcher Buster Posey and UK popster (and holder of the current No.1 spot on the singles chart) Olly Murs.

Well, as distasteful as that unlikely coupling might have been I’ve come across another pairing that’s even more disturbing…

Firstly we have Phillies pitching ace and former two-time Cy Young award winner Mr Roy Halladay, and secondly we have the resident psycho from Season 1 of 24, Ira Gaines, played by Michael Massee.

I’ve included pictures of them both below for you to make up your own mind, but before you all laugh at my lunatic ramblings I just want you to look closely at the eyes… It’s all in the eyes folks!!

— Shudder —

I hope I’ve not given you nightmares, so sweet dreams to you all!!

And before I go I’d like to wish all readers from the US, wherever you are in the world, a happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!!

24’s Resident Series Psycho, Ira Gaines
2003 and 2010 Cy Young Winner, Roy Halladay

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