“Whoops” Indeed!!

While glancing over my Twitter timeline yesterday I came across a tweet from Beckett Baseball editor Chris Olds which was just one word – ‘Whoops!’ – with a picture attached. Here’s the picture –

2012 Topps Five Star Quad Patch

Now that is a NICE card!!!

That’s some big mojo of a pull!! Four of the best and most exciting pitchers in the game today!! WOW!!

Clayton Kershaw – Ace pitcher for the Dodgers and a really under-appreciated talent!! Future Cy Young winner? Definitely!!

Stephen Strasburg – What can I say?? Pitcher of the future!! Already a superstar in only his third year in the Majors

Felix Hernandez – Pitcher of one of this years three perfect games! King Felix once more cemented his reputation as the star that he….

Hold on a second… Why is Stephen Strasburg wearing a Roy Halladay mask? And a Phillies uniform?

Oh… dear…

Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear!!

Now I can appreciate that things like this happen during the manufacture of sports cards… But this? In a $500 a pack product?? That’s pretty inexcusable!

I know that certain things can’t really fall under the umbrella of quality assurance, such as the Brett Lawrie autos that I posted about yesterday, but OUCH!! This one’s really gotta hurt!!

It still doesn’t stop Five Star being an awesome to look at product but this sort of error, along with the chipped edges on some of the cards coming out of the packs, is not good for either the collectors that shell out the big money for Five Star Baseball in the first place or the reputation of Topps themselves!


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