The Anatomy of Case Breaking

I’ve mentioned the name Brent Williams a few times already since starting this blog.

A card collector since 1985 and an eBay card seller since 1995, Brent is one of the largest case breakers of Topps baseball products, each year busting 15-60 of most of their baseball products, as well as some football products! He is also a regular contributor to Cardboard Connection, writing several fascinating articles this year about cards, the Hobby and the state of the industry!

And it’s a couple of these articles that I wanted to bring your attention to right now, both looking at the realities of breaking cases of Topps Baseball products.

Earlier in the year Brent wrote the following piece centered around his experiences breaking down multiple cases of 2012 Topps Baseball Series 1…

How to Break Cases of 2012 Topps Series 1 Baseball and Make Money

He then followed it up with a feature recapping the results of the case break…

2012 Topps Series 1 Baseball 60-Case Recap with brentandbecca

And finally, in this article of a few days ago, Brent brings the 2012 Topps case breaking full circle with an examination of the 2012 Topps Update series released in October, as well as sharing his thoughts on the future of case breaking in general.

How to Find a Niche in Case Breaking: A 2012 Topps Update Series Case Study

Please take the time to go over some of these. They make really interesting reading for ALL sports card collectors, not just us Baseball fans, and give us the chance to share in an experience that’s far beyond the reach of most of us mere collecting mortals 🙂

You can catch up with all of his Cardboard Connection articles right here and follow him on Twitter @brentandbecca


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