2013 Bowman Baseball Preview

Up until recently there seemed to be a glut of pre-release information from Topps on next years Baseball products. Now, after a relatively quiet few weeks, another sell sheet descends upon us in the form 2013 Bowman Baseball.

You can click right here to get all the details and I’d like to give a special thanks to Ryan Cracknell (@tradercracks) for sending this to me. Ryan writes the Cards Online for Non-Sport Update Magazine and is the editor over at The Cardboard Connection, one of the best online resources for news in and around the sports/non-sports card industry! Please click in the link and check the site out… You’ll never look back!!

So, thoughts on next years Bowman?

Not vastly different to this years from the looks of things and it’s nice to see they’ve gone with the white borders again. The Blue Sapphire programme celebrating 65 years of Bowman might be a nice touch, but there’s been a lot made of the relative weakness of next years rookie class, so Topps might have to have to get a bit more creative with their gimmicks (Did I just say gimmicks? Of course, what I meant to say was… Errrr… product strategies… That’s right – product strategies) to drive this particular release.

So, do we have any Bowman or rookie fans out there that will be dipping into 2013 Bowman?


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