2012 In Review – Part 1: The Big Bats

Baseball is never dull!

I know, I know… Here I go with the gift for understatement again!!

But year upon year we’re graced with a plethora of twists and turns, thrills and surprises, that make each season uniquely different to the last.

So, now that the season is well and truly over, I thought I’d turn my attention to some of the feats and achievements that have defined Baseball in 2012.

I’ve already posted a short piece on Miguel Cabrera and his Triple Crown achievement (which you can read again by clicking here) but I thought I’d stick to the sluggers again and briefly look at a pretty small group of big hitters who’s numbers swelled from three to four in Game 1 of this years World Series.

Back in 1926 Babe Ruth became the first player to hit three home runs in a World Series game. Many people aren’t aware that he did it again in 1928, but it wasn’t for another 49 years until Reggie Jackson repeated the feat (part of the reason he earned himself the nickname of ‘Mr October’, for his clutch hitting during the post-season) in the 1977 Series.

We then had to wait another 34 years until Albert Pujols joined their illustrious company in Game 3 of the infamous World Series between the St Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and now Albert Pujols… that’s pretty rarefied company…

But our story doesn’t end there for one particular San Francisco Giant, as it’s enter stage right for the 2012 World Series MVP, Pablo Sandoval, as he steps up in Game 1 and smacks three consecutive homers. More interestingly  he was the first to accomplish this in the first game of a World Series and the only one to homer in his first three at-bats… the first two of which were off reigning AL Cy Young winner, Justin Verlander.

So… there you have it! You wait 34 years for someone to hit three home runs in a World Series and then two come along back-to-back… like buses!

The World Series ‘3-HR Club’ is a pretty exclusive group to be part of and, with a little help from 2012 Topps Archives, I felt it would be a nice touch to recognise this titanic achievement…

2012 Topps Archives Babe Ruth base
2012 Topps Archives Reggie Jackson base
2012 Topps Archives Albert Pujols base
2012 Topps Archives Pablo Sandoval base

3 thoughts on “2012 In Review – Part 1: The Big Bats

  1. The really cool thing about Reggie Jackson’s feat is that he actually hit FOUR home runs on four consecutive SWINGS of the bat. To start the streak, he homered off Don Sutton in his last at bat in Game 5. His first at bat in Game 6 resulted in a 4 pitch walk (no swings). He then hit first pitch homers on each of his next 3 trips to the plate. Final tally: 4 swings, 4 homers, off 4 different pitchers. Amazing stuff!

    1. The thing I love about Reggie Jackson is that he was a ‘character’. Definitely a product of his time, and the type of player that we don’t seem to see much of these days in terms of his personality.

      We need more of these ‘larger-than-life’ players in the game… It makes Baseball itself, and card collecting, much more fun!

      1. He was definitely that!! A couple years back, I read a Billy Martin biography. You could certainly count on fireworks when those two were in the dugout together!!

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