Review: 2011 Topps Update Baseball – Retail Blaster

OK, I won’t lie… I was after the Mike Trout rookie!

Aside from the thrill of ripping open some brand new packs, fresh from a sealed box, it was really the prospect of getting my hands on this season’s hottest ticket in the form of his nicest rookie card – at least in my humble opinion anyway!

(You can insert some pun at this stage about ‘Trout Fishing’… I was going to but – you know – a bit too obvious really…)

Anyways, I bought a retail blaster of 2011 Topps Update off eBay from Strictly Mint, and really took my time with this one when it finally arrived… savouring every pack as I opened it and pouring over the cards inside!

2011 Topps Update Baseball – Retail Blaster Box

The box breaks down into 10 packs containing 8 cards per pack plus a special pack containing a manufactured Commemorative Patch…

So, fancy knowing what I got???

Throwback Patch Card

Rickey Henderson – San Diego Padres

2011 Topps Update Commorative Patch – Rickey Henderson

Pack 1

Freddie Garcia
Mike MacDougal
Andy Sonnanstine
Dustin Moseley
Allen Craig
Robinson Cano – All-Star (Platinum Diamond Anniversary)
Charlie Furbish RC
Mike Cameron

Pack 2

Eric O’Flaherty
Kerry Wood
Tim Stauffer
Javy Guerra RC
Edgar Renteria
Drew Storen (Topps Town)
Hanley Ramirez (Cognac Diamond Anniversary)
Joel Hanrahan – All-Star

Pack 3

Brooks Conrad
Angel Sanchez
Sam McLure
Prince Fielder – All-Star
Scott Sizemore
Hank Aaron – Kimball Champions Mini
Dustin Ackley – All-Star
Orlando Cabrera

2011 Topps Update All-Stars

Pack 4

Reed Johnson
Conor Jackson
Sean O’Sullivan
Carlos Pena (Gold Parallel)
Andre Ethier (Platinum Diamond Anniversary)
J.D. Martinez RC
Ryan Ludwick
Craig Kimbrall – All-Star

Pack 5

Cody Eppley RC
Adrian Gonzalez
Aaron Harang
David DeJesus
Diamond Giveaway Promotion
Willie McCovey (Topps 60)
Brian Wilson – All-Star
Lonnie Chisenhall RC

Pack 6

Koyie Hill
Trevor Bell
Victor Martinez
Daniel Moskos RC
Brandon League
Grady Sizemore/Shin-Soo Choo (Diamond Duos)
Andrew McCutchen – All-Star
David Ortiz – All-Star

2011 Topps Update Rookie Cards

Pack 7

Wilson Valdez
Juan Uribe
George Sherrill
Justin Turner
Paul Molitor – Kimball Champions Mini
Jonny Venters – All-Star
David Ortiz – All-Star (HR Derby)
Yadier Molina – All-Star

Pack 8

Brendan Ryan
Jose Morales
Armando Galarraga
Kevin Correia
C.J. Wilson (Platinum Diamond Anniversary)
Jake Westbrook (Cognac Diamond Anniversary)
Michael Pineda – All-Star
Paul Konerko – All-Star

Pack 9

Tyler Chatwood RC
Jo-Jo Reyes
Sean Burroughs
Jerry Sands RC (Cognac Diamond Anniversary)
Pee Wee Reese (Topps 60)
Jacoby Ellsbury – All-Star
Miguel Montero – All-Star
Matt Holliday – All-Star

Pack 10

Takashi Saito
Chris Dickerson
Ryan Adams RC
Eric Hosmer RC
Alex White RC
Rogers Hornsby (Topps 60)
Andre Ethier – All-Star
Troy Tulowitzki – All-Star

2011 Topps Update ‘Topps 60’ Inserts

OK… OK… So I didn’t get the bloody Trout rookie!!! What can I say?

However, overall it was a pretty cool box with a fair spread of inserts, rookies and base cards!!

The base cards are nice and sharp, with some gorgeous full colour photography. I’ve been really impressed recently with the Topps base sets for these reasons and the 2011 set doesn’t let the side down.

Here are some overall thoughts –

The ‘sparkly’ Diamond Anniversary are OK if you like that sort of thing. There a bit too gaudy looking for my tastes but are OK for completists or player collectors

The Topps 60 inserts are my favourite! If there wasn’t so many I might consider putting a set together. Nice to see Baseball legends in full colour on these cards, although I’m a bit put out by the Rogers Hornsby card… 11 years as a Cardinal and they put a picture of him on a card in his bloody Cubs uniform??? What’s that all about??

Those manufactured patch cards are DAMN ugly!! ‘Nuff said!! Shame really as it’s always nice to pull a card with Rickey Henderson on 🙂

Nice selection of rookie cards!!


So, not a bad box when all’s said and done!

In summary –

Best Card – Eric Hosmer Rookie card

Worst Card – Rogers Hornsby – Sorry, it’s that Cubs uniform…

Best Insert – Topps 60 – Looks like a great set to build

Worst Insert – Diamond Anniversary parallels – a little too much ‘sparkle’ for my liking!

Overall Rating – 8/10

As usual, if any of you see any cards that you might be interested in then let me know and they’re yours! If we can maybe sort out a trade then even better!!


5 thoughts on “Review: 2011 Topps Update Baseball – Retail Blaster

    1. Then they’re all yours Martyn!!

      I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a Buster Posey collection so if you have any singles please let me know and we can sort something out!

  1. I hate the Cubs as much as the next guy, but that Hornsby is a beautiful card. Classic uniform, but dig those socks!!!! That’s a ballplayer, there.

    1. When I wrote this post I did a bit of research about Hornsby and found out that he (allegedly) had ties to the Ku Klux Klan and he was one of Baseball’s most hated players (especially by his teammates)… Second only to Ty Cobb

      Not sure how much of this is true though

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