Proudly presenting… ‘uk_cards’

Fellow collector and regular reader of this blog, Glenn Codere, has put a new Yahoo Group together called ‘uk_cards’!!

Glenn is originally from the US but has lived in Glasgow, Scotland for the past couple of decades, and is a big collector of Vintage cards and a fan of the Detroit Tigers. In Glenn’s words…

‘UK Baseball Cards is a mailing list dedicated to collectors of baseball (and other US sports) cards in the United Kingdom. The group offers a forum to discuss the hobby, show off your latest acquisitions, arrange trades, and chat about all the difficulties of being a UK-based collector.’

Blogs don’t often make the best forums for conversing about the Hobby so this will be an ideal environment to cover all card collecting topics, free of my rants and random musings that you’ll often be subjected to here!

You can click on this link – uk_cards – to get to the Group, so show please show your support and sign up!! The more that we get on board the better!

Spread the word!!!


11 thoughts on “Proudly presenting… ‘uk_cards’

  1. Thanks for the plug, Andy! Setting up a mailing list for UK collectors is something I’ve considered doing for some time. The problem was that I just didn’t know how to get the word out to other UK collectors!! Hopefully “The Wax Fantastic” will provide an avenue to do that, as well as generating some talking points.

  2. Hey guys,

    I’ve been steered in this direction by a friend on the Blowout boards. Just wanted to show my support. I’ve tried reactivating a long forgotten Yahoo account to join the group. We’ll see what happens. I’m not really a wax buster but I love the idea of importing boxes for all our benefit. Here’s hoping the group thrives.

    1. I’ve just read the first post on this blog and discovered the founder is a dirty Redbirds fan. I withdraw my support!

      Go Brewers!

      1. LOL – Great to have you on board Shay!!

        All NL Central fans welcome (except for Cubbies – boo!!!) 🙂

        Are you strictly a Brewers collector or was there anything else that takes your interest?

        And did you have any luck registering on the Yahoo Group?

    2. Shay,

      I don’t think you need to have a Yahoo account to join the group. Let me know what your email address is and I’ll send you a direct invite.


  3. Thanks for the welcome.

    Andy – I’ve only recently returned to the hobby and had previously collected totally indiscriminately, although exclusively baseball as I have no interest in the other US sports. Since returning I’ve made the decision to sell everything, even my good stuff, and replace it with 15c cards of Gorman Thomas! I’m only half-joking. Discovering COMC has been an eye-opener. I sent in a load of stuff and it’s been selling pretty well. I’ve then split the money I’ve made and spent it either prospecting (you’d better be good Francisco Lindor!) or buying up Brewers cards which I’d never really been bothered about before. My collection maybe worth a lot less than before but I’m much happier with it now.

    I fully echo any anti-Cubs sentiments. Even from Cards fans! When they play in Milwaukee, Cubs fans like to call it Wrigley North. Like our beautiful Miller Park can be compared to the dump they play in. Sure it has character, but it’s a toilet! Friendly confines my ass.

    Glenn – first off, I hope you’re not a recently offended Cubs fan! I think I may have seen a post of yours on another forum a while back. That guy was now living in Scotia too and looking for like-minded individuals. Anyway, my email is I look forward to jawing further with you guys.

    I live in Derbyshire btw, very central. Good place to hold our first annual convention!

    1. 🙂

      That anti-Cubs sentiment makes me smile!

      I wish I could say I feel as strongly but I think my advancing years have mellowed me somewhat! My scorn for all things Cubs has waned over the years and I feel sorry for the team and the fans more than anything… They’ve had bad luck over the years (not Red Sox bad luck, mind you) but unfortunately I can’t see things improving for them anytime soon. My comrade-in-arms on this blog, Mark Pidgeon, is a huge Cubs fan so I feel his pain!

      I’ve recently considered moving my allegiances from the Cardinals to the Pirates. I’ve been a Cards follower since 2001 and things don’t feel the same since they let Pujols go last winter! I like the Pirates as an organisation, especially from an historical point of view, and I’m a huge Andrew McCutchen fan! Most under-appreciated player in the Hobby today if you ask me! Must be the British-ness in me that has me rooting for the underdog!

      Considering the Cardinals drubbing against the Giants in the last three games of the NLCS it might be time to make the shift this coming winter 🙂

      Collecting prospects can be really fun… I’m a huge rookie card fan myself, but I guess I’ll pick up anything at the end of the day! Big Ryan Braun fan as well!!

      COMC is great and I only came across it a few months ago when Mark pointed me in its general direction. I’ve had a couple of parcels shipped but not tried to sell anything so far!!

      As an aside, whereabouts in Derbyshire are you?

  4. I’ve been to Wrigley three or four times, though unfortunately never versus the Brewers. I’m attracted to the Cubs long-standing futility. I’m only half-serious when I slag Wrigley as well. I actually love it as a ballpark but it’s a bit dilapidated and last time I went the only tickets I could get off the scalpers were with an (extremely) obstructed view. We were able to move a few seats over so it wasn’t a problem but I’ve been in there when it was packed so I wouldn’t fancy the same seat then. I certainly don’t want to offend Mark before I’ve met him. I’ll send him a corked, I mean signed, Sammy Sosa mini bat if it will help. (Actually I do have a Billy Williams Cherished Teddy I’d love to find a buyer for!)

    Speaking of futility, I have a soft spot for the Pirates too. They and the Brewers vied for the cellar in the Central for years! If the arms in their farm system can deliver on expectations the Pirates could be good fairly soon. Doubt it will be next year but 2014 could be interesting.

    So, I quite like the Pirates, and playfully dislike the Cubs, but I HATE the Cardinals! I didn’t really get into baseball until I was at Uni in the late 90s, but obviously the Cards beat the Crew in their only World Series. Even though I’d not even heard of Milwaukee in 1982, it still hurts! I was all over the Brewers to win it all last year too. Would have been the biggest payday of my life. It was on Betfair so I still made a bit of money but those damn Cardinals broke my heart when they deservedly knocked us out last year. Winning the division was great but didn’t pay for the new house I was hoping for!

    COMC I can’t rave enough about. The hike in shipping was annoying and I’m not enthralled by them removing Book Value but I still love the site. When I got back into the hobby and decided to sell off my stuff I was reluctant to use ebay as I couldn’t do with all of the hassle that entails, especially the shipping. I don’t care that I’m getting less than I could – it’s hassle free.

    Anyway, rambled enough. Chesterfield btw.

  5. Hey there just came across this, nice blog btw. I recently moved from the US to France and I was wondering if this UK group extended to other parts of Europe?

    1. Hi there Felix!

      Thanks for checking out the blog and for your feedback, it’s really appreciated!!

      I’m sure that Glenn will have no problem with you getting on board the Yahoo Group. Just click on the link in this post and join up. We’re not just restricting things to collectors in the UK… Europe is more than welcome so come and join in!!

      Any problems then let me know!

  6. Felix, you are very welcome to join the group. I’m sure that many of the discussions that we have will be just as relevant to a collector in France as they are to us in the UK.

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