2012 Topps Heritage High Numbered Set… WTF???

Update: For a great take on this story (it made me smile anyway) take a look at this article from @NightOwlCards

Yesterday saw Topps release product information of a late season addition to its Heritage Baseball brand, details of which can be found courtesy of our friends over at Cardboard Connection.

I must have missed the boat on this one as I didn’t even know this was on its way, but the idea of some of those rookies (Harper, Darvish, Cespedes, et al.) in a 1963 Topps design really appealled…

You know what, I might just pick myself up a set of those…

But hold on a sec… I didn’t check the price… Can’t be much more than $30-$40 for a 100 card set?? Surely!!

But no…

If you want to get hold of this online only beauty then you’ll have to shell out just shy of $100.00.

“Now hold on a minute, Andy. You crazy-ass SOB!!” I hear you all cry!! “Surely that’s some kind of typo… $100.00?? It can’t surely be that much!!”

Well, my card collecting, baseball loving friends, I’m afraid it is!!

I can’t help but feel a certain amount of disdain and disappointment with Topps on this! I’ve often felt like a bit of a Topps apologist on a number of occasions in the past but I can’t muster up much love for them on this occasion!!

It feels like Topps are flipping the bird to all of us collectors out there with such a ridiculously high price-point on this set! What makes matters worse was that I was considering investing in a few boxes of 2013 Heritage – but if I’ve got a 2013 Heritage High Numbers set like this one waiting for me at the end of 2013 then I don’t think I’ll be bothering…

I’d be interested in all your thoughts on this one!


One thought on “2012 Topps Heritage High Numbered Set… WTF???

  1. Wow! What a kick in the head for Heritage collectors. Not only do Topps price it at a near-premiium level, they also limit the product to 1000 sets. My impression is that Heritage is an extremely popular product among young and older collectors alike. I really don’t see what they are trying to do is this instance, but I’m sure that it won’t achieve much other than to further alienate even more of the collectors that have stuck with them through their ever increasing usage of SPs and SSPs.

    I’ll probably try to hunt down the Tigers from the Update set, but disappoitingly, its unlikely that I’ll be able to ad the full set to my collection. For me, that makes my 2012 Heritage binder incomplete. Idiots.

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