Wanted… 2012 Topps Museum Canvas Collection

I’ve spent a lot of time recently wrestling with what to try and collect next.

Over the years I’ve spent time starting new collections only to see me give up after a certain period, either through lack of funds or lack of patience!!

Having dismantled many previous collections I’ve now decided it’s time to start afresh… I wanted to pick something challenging, but not outside the realms of possibility (especially as far as expense is concerned).

So to this end I’ve decided to put together the 48 card insert set from this years Topps Museum Collection!

Cardboard Connection did a piece on this a few months ago that can found here.

I absolutely love this set… It’s a great mixture of old and new players, with a simple yet classic design that really stands out when held up against other insert sets!

I’m open for trades if anyone has any of these up for grabs but it will probably be through a lot of searching online that I end up tracking most of these cards down. If you are open for a trade then let me know what sort of things you like and we’ll see if we can sort something out…

And I’ll keep posting as to how the collection’s shaping up!!

OK, now I’m off to top up my COMC account! I think I see it getting some use sometime soon!

2012 Topps Museum Collection

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