Topps Traded/Update – A Critical Appraisal

If anyone has purchased, or is intending to purchase, any boxes/packs/cards from this years Topps Traded set then please read this article!!

The Appalling 2012 Topps Update Series

Now this isn’t my attempt to bash this years Topps base set in any way, shape or form! I think that it’s a great set with a great design and some awesome photography!

But this article, written by Braves fan Chris Mays, is a brilliant piece – showcasing the history of the Topps Traded/Update sets all the way from their first release in 1972 through to the most recent release this year, and it includes his thoughts (and disapointments) around the 2012 product.

You can follow Chris at @MadGlavSmoltz or click on the link to his blog on the right-hand side of this page – Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz.


2 thoughts on “Topps Traded/Update – A Critical Appraisal

  1. Hi Andy. I wrote the article and thanks for the link.

    I should say that I also love the design and photography in the set. I think my review of Series 1 for Talking Chop was titled “I Love This Set”. I love collecting, but this seems like a true devaluing of the base set. I’m curious what others think!

    1. Hi there Chris… Great to hear from you!

      For starters, I thought it was a great piece you wrote. I love that level of honesty. I always feel like I’m a bit of a Topps apologist as over in the UK I don’t feel that we’re as adversely affected by issues in the same way that you guys in the US are, as we don’t have the ready access to cards like you do.

      Speaking for myself, I only tend to use outlets such as eBay and COMC to purchase cards, and if I can’t afford something then it doesn’t find its way into my collection! As a result there’s no way that I’ll be picking up any of those SSP cards in a hurry!!

      As a rule I don’t mind SP cards as long as they’re done in moderation and are challenging enough to pick up – while still remaining obtainable in the first place!

      Topps have annoyed me this year by making rookies into SSP, particularly that Harper RC in this years Archives!

      I also agree about the devaluing of the base set. It does beg the question that if you have little chance of putting a complete set together in the first place, then why bother at all??

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