Topps 2009 Legends of the Game Insert Set

I have recently been using COMC ( to fill various sets and subsets from the past few Topps Series.

The Legends of the Game set does pretty much what it says on the tin, 25 cards of some of the finest players in baseball history the design is timeless and the addition of a timeline on he back of the cards is a nice little touch.

My favorite card from this set is card number LG13 Jackie Robinson, the card captures him perfectly and its a great addition to my collection.

Over the next few days I will be looking at some of the other Sets I have managed to complete and trying to fill some of the ones I don’t have completed.

Thanks for reading.

Here is the checklist for this Set:

NBR Card Description
LG1 Young, Cy
LG2 Wagner, Honus
LG3 Mathewson, Christy
LG4 Cobb, Ty
LG5 Johnson, Walter
LG6 Speaker, Tris
LG7 Ruth, Babe
LG8 Sisler, George
LG9 Hornsby, Rogers
LG10 Foxx, Jimmie
LG11 Gehrig, Lou
LG12 Ott, Mel
LG13 Robinson, Jackie
LG14 Mize, Johnny
LG15 Wee Reese, Pee
LG16 Campanella, Roy
LG17 Williams, Ted
LG18 Maris, Roger
LG19 Gibson, Bob
LG20 Mantle, Mickey
LG21 Clemente, Roberto
LG22 Munson, Thurman
LG23 Yastrzemski, Carl
LG24 Ryan, Nolan
LG25 Ripken Jr., Cal

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