Topps Archives 2012 Completed Base Set

After spending much of my years Baseball card funds this year on Topps Archives I am finally able to say that I have completed the Base set of 200 cards and cards numbered 201-240 (still haven’t managed to pull that elusive Harper SSP).

The first card I pulled was The Babe! and the card that completed my set was #178 Adam Lind (interesting how both cards that started and ended my collection were from the same years design)

Out of the insert sets I’ve managed to complete the Deckle Edge, 3-d cards and the Cloth stickers, I need loads of the Relics and out of around 9 blasters I only pulled one auto, Wally Blackman of the New York Mets.

The Relic design is striking on this set and is one of the better relic designs I have seen on recent Topps releases.

Overall this has been my favourite product of the year with the images of the cards crisp and clean and the vintage design is always great too. The Heritage product is good but I have to say I am not a fan of the cardstock they are printed on.

I think the next set I am going to try to complete is the Topps Baseball Update 2012.

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