In Appreciation Of… Miguel Cabrera

Today sees the start of a new feature for this blog, highlighting some of the Hobby’s great unsung heroes… Basically – those player’s who don’t get the love they deserve from the card collecting public.

Our first feature is a bit of a no-brainer really…

2012 Topps Miguel Cabrera base

As you’ve probably already heard, this week Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera became the 17th player in baseball history to achieve the batting Triple Crown and the first, perhaps more significantly, since Carl Yastrzemski achieved the feat with the Red Sox in 1967. On his way to the Triple Crown he recorded a .330 batting average, 44 home runs, and 139 RBIs.


Cabrera began his career within the Florida Marlins organisation, progressing through their minor-league system until being called up to the majors in 2003. Batting in the clean-up spot he went on to help the Marlins win the World Series that very year!

Widely regarded to be one of the best pure hitters in baseball, he has posted at least 30 home runs in eight different seasons with a career batting average of .318. He was traded to the Detroit Tigers in the 2007 /08 off-season and has continued to ply his trade of hitting consistency ever since.

The most incredible thing about this Triple Crown achievement is that, up until a couple of weeks ago, it had largely gone unnoticed. Excitement had turned to teams caught up in the push towards the play-offs and, over in California, all the noise from a player perspective was being generated by the exploits of AL Rookie of the Year-in waiting, Mike Trout!!

Yet here we now are… The season is over and my Cards are the first ever official NL Wild Card Champions – lets see them make a T-Shirt of that one 🙂

And what happens now for Cabrera?

I can see a big rush to get hold of his cards, especially in the short term. Certainly playing for a ‘smaller’ market team like the Tigers (sorry everyone from Detroit, but you know what I mean) hasn’t helped his Hobby popularity but here’s hoping that the Triple Crown will now give him the recognition that he finally deserves!

Cabrera’s key rookies can be found in 2000 Topps Traded and 2000 Topps Traded Chrome, and it’s pretty safe to say that we’ll be seeing a jump in the price of these cards in the very near future! If you really want a challenge then try and get hold of his 2000 Topps Traded Autograph. These cards were inserted at a rate of one per sealed factory set and there were 80 different players who signed for the set so it’s a pretty difficult card to get hold of… Expect to see these circulating on eBay in excess of $500 pretty soon!

The last one that sold on eBay went for $430 on the 13th August with a total of 37 bids!!

I can’t think of many more deserving player to collect, and a vast number of his cards come at pretty reasonable prices!! So go on, go pick up a few Cabrera  for the sake of historical prosperity… These Triple Crowns don’t come around that often, you know!!

Well, that’s all for the first installment of ‘In Appreciation Of…’

Let me know if the idea’s got legs, and feel free to suggest some other Hobby ‘under achievers’ who you consider to be worth mentioning in a future post!! You just need to let me know the player’s name and why you think they should be included!!


2 thoughts on “In Appreciation Of… Miguel Cabrera

  1. As a Tigers fan and collector, I hope Miggy’s cards continue to be undervalued. Easier for me to add them to my collection!


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