A Question About Vintage Wax

Morning All!!

Just a really quick post today as I’m off to Dublin for a couple of days with work…

I was giving some thought over the weekend as to what constitutes a ‘vintage’ baseball card. Is it specifically to do with the age of the card itself? or is it more down to the period that the card was produced in?

This isn’t meant to be a trick question, I was just curious 🙂

I often hear terms like Vintage and Modern bandied around when talking about baseball cards, but when does one end and the other start? Are there any other recognised ‘eras’?

As time moves on does the ‘era’ shift in time as well? For instance, I wouldn’t judge a card manufactured in 1991 as Vintage over a card produced in, say, 1979. But in 10-15 years time could a 1991 card be considered as Vintage??

I know, I know… Questions Questions!!

If anyone out there has a definitive answer on this, or can point me in the direction of a recognised source I’d be really grateful!


4 thoughts on “A Question About Vintage Wax

  1. Its a tough question, and one that I’ve found is very subjective. The answer varies from person to person (or perhaps more particularly age group to age group), more reflecting their own understanding rather than a “defined” explanation. A 12 year old collector is going to have a totally different perception of vintage than a 50-60 year old.

    For me, I define Vintage as being cards produced prior to the Donruss/Fleer entry into the mainstream market – i.e. pre 1981. I would even go as far as to say that I consider “true” Vintage cards to be those produced prior to 1974, the year that Topps stopped issuing cards in series.

    Perhaps a good rule of thumb is to go by the SCD Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards, which lists cards from the years 1863 to 1980.

    Glasgow, Scotland

  2. I have to agree with Glenn, anything pre 1980 should be considered Vintage. Topps lost their monopoly in 1981 and then we headed into the 1987-1993ish Junk Wax era. Maybe cards pre this may be considered classic or vintage. Being closer to the 50year old mark myself, I hate to say it, but cards 50 -60 years old are vintage.
    Blimey it is a tough question!
    What about cards from 2000+, would they be ‘The Relic Era’?

  3. I would be happy calling cards produced after 2000 as the Relic age, much like the comic book age classification Bronze Silver Etc. but again I would say anything prior to the boom in Card manufacture would be considered Vintage.

  4. I’m liking the idea of a 1980 cut off! It feels ‘right’!!

    But where does that leave the 1982 Cal Ripken Jr rookie? It feels like that should be classed as a vintage card as well…

    Curses… Just when I thought it was all wrapped up 🙂

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