Pack Busting: 2012 Bowman (Jumbo Retail Pack)

You may remember last week I posted a tale of eBay woe, involving the purchase of a 2012 Bowman Jumbo pack with a ‘guaranteed’ hit that wasn’t quite what it seemed. Read the original story here and the follow-up here.

Well, the pack in question finally arrived on Wednesday of this week and I promised that I’d share it’s contents with you guys…

2012 Bowman Jumbo Retail Pack

The pack is broken down into 10 cards in the top section and 10 in the lower (see the picture above), and here’s how the cards came out…

Upper Section

Ryan Braun (Brewers)

2012 Bowman Ryan Braun base

Josh Beckett (Red Sox)

Ike Davis (Mets)

Tom Milone RC – Gold Bordered Parallel (A’s)

Emilio King – Prospect (Astros)

Dayan Diaz – Prospect (Astros)

Danny Barnes – Prospect (Blue Jays)

Josh Bowman – Prospect (A’s)

Martin Prado (Braves)

Brian Wilson (Giants)

2012 Bowman Brian Wilson base

Lower Section

Albert Pujols (Angels)

2012 Bowman Albert Pujols base

J.J Hardy (O’s)

Allen Craig (Cardinals)

Chris Carpenter (Cardinals)

Casey Haerther – Chrome Prospect (Angels)

Gerrit Cole – Chrome Prospect (Pirates)

2012 Bowman Gerrit Cole Chrome Prospect

Andrelton Simmons – Chrome Prospect (Braves)

Devon Ethier – Chrome Prospect (Dodgers)

Matt Dominguez  RC (Marlins)

Jhonny Peralta (Tigers)

So… Very happy overall with this pack!! Especially as it was free!

Some nice base with the likes of Albert Pujols, Ryan Braun and the bearded Brian Wilson (love that guy!!), and some nice looking Chrome, especially the Gerrit Cole that I was after!

This years Bowman has so far been one of my favourite sets of 2012. I’ve always been a sucker for rookie cards but I couldn’t quite understand why I was really drawn to the 2012 set so much… And then it hit me!! It was the white borders!!

Now, I might be wrong about this but I believe that this is the first Bowman set since 1997 where the borders of the cards weren’t black. Black borders always lead to heightened condition sensitivity and sometimes lend the cards a dark, drab look. But the white borders on this years release, coupled with some really sharp photography, makes for a set of really attractive cards!

I’ll do a review of all the years releases sometime in late December, but I was wondering what your favourite set has been so far this year!

While you put some thought into that, I’m off to start cultivating a beard like a certain Giants closer!!


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