Pack Busting: 1988 Topps

OK… Time to bust open some more Wax!!

These two packs of 1988 Topps Baseball come courtesy of my blog partner, Mr Mark Pidgeon… So thanks for these matey!!

1988 Topps is a very basic card with a very basic design. We get a white border, full colour photo of the player, the team name splashed across the top and the player’s name running diagonally in the bottom right-hand corner… I’ve got to admit – NOT the most inspiring of designs!!

The packs broke down as follows…

Pack 1

Jim Deshaies (Astros)
Chuck Tanner – Manager (Braves)
Don Slaught (Rangers)
Leon Durham (Cubs)
Doug Sisk (Mets)
Steve Lake (Cardinals)
Harold Reynolds (Mariners)
Pedro Guerrero (Dodgers)
Don Aase (Orioles)
Eddie Williams (Indians)
Bob Melvin (Giants)
Dennis Rasmussen (Reds)
Joe Boever (Braves)
Jose Uribe (Giants)
Fred Toliver (Phillies)

Pack 2

Bill Almon (Mets)
Paul Kilgus (Rangers)
Tony Gwynn (Padres)

1988 Topps Tony Gwynn base

Joe Sambito (Red Sox)
Mike Mason (Cubs)
Dave Schmidt (Orioles)
Ted Simmons (Braves)
Mike Schmidt (Phillies)

1988 Topps Mike Schmidt base

Tommy John (Yankees)
Mark McGwire (Athletics)
Pascual Perez (Expos)
Scott Bailes (Indians)
Mark McGwire (’87 Record Breakers – Insert)
Steve Trout (Yankees)
Jim Acker (Braves)

So, although the contents of the first pack didn’t jump straight out at me, having the welcome presence of two Hall of Famers in Tony Gwynn and Mike Schmidt was a nice treat!

And lets not forget that the second pack also yielded not one but two cards from potential Hall of Famer, Mark McGwire… Although lets face it, the chances of this disgraced, ex-steroid-abusing, son of a retired dentist ever making it into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown are pretty remote at this point in time!

Since his retirement in 2001, and subsequent Hall of Fame eligibility from the 2007 ballot onwards, McGwire has received far below the number of votes required from the Baseball Writers Association of America to gain entry into the Hall.  Check out the total votes cast below –

Year          Votes          Percentage

2007          128                23.5%

2008          128                23.5%

2009          118                21.9%

2010          128                23.5%

2011           115                19.8%

2012           112                19.5%

However, my favourite card from the two packs was of this guy…

1988 Topps Tommy John base

Through his 26 year Baseball career, with no less than six different teams, Tommy John’s 288 career victories ranks as the seventh highest total among left-handed pitchers in Major League history. Although he never made it into the Hall of Fame, Tommy John does have the unusual distinction of having a revolutionary surgery named after him…

Tommy John Surgery, known in the medical world as Ulnar Collatarel Ligament (UCLreconstruction, is a surgical graft procedure in which a ligament in the elbow is replaced with a tendon from elsewhere in the body (often from the forearm, hamstring, hip, knee, or foot of the patient). The procedure is common among collegiate and professional athletes in several sports, most notably Baseball.

A number of high profile pitchers have undergone this procedure, including Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals, Brian Wilson of the Giants, and most recently, young phenom Stephen Strasburg of the Nationals.

So there you go… All that from just two packs of 24 year old packs of Baseball cards!!


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