Card of the Day: 2012 Topps Museum Andrew McCutchen Signature Swatches #’d 07/25

A few months ago I decided to start a collection of Andrew McCutchen cards… It seemed an odd choice at the time as I’m not really a die-hard Pirates fan (although I’ve always had a soft spot for them), but I became aware of McCutchen (or ‘Cutch’) and his skills a couple of years ago through playing Yahoo’s Fantasy Baseball, and he’s relatively cheap(er) to collect than some of the other 5-tool players in the game like Matt Kemp and Ryan Braun.

Here’s a great article published in July on The Bleacher Report that sums up McCutchen’s value as one of the most underrated talents playing in the Majors today! Give it a read – it’s a great introduction to one of the best players that no-one’s every heard of.

Anyway, back to the business in hand…

I decided I wanted to start my collection of with a bang and I ended up getting this beauty off eBay for just over £28 ($45 USD) and a few extra pennies for postage –

2012 Topps Museum Andrew McCutchen Signature Swatches

I don’t normally pay this much for individual cards, in fact I’ve only ever paid over this amount for a couple of vintage rookies in the past, but this was too good a chance to pass up… And I figured it would form an awesome centrepiece to my new ‘Cutch’ collection!!

As you can see it’s an autographed, dual jersey with a 3-colour patch and serially #’d/25!! A true beauty to behold when you get your hands on it!! And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen these cards before but they’re THICK!! At least 5mm!! A huge chunk of a card!

This was the first time I had owned a card with such a low print run, and it was mine for about a month before I started to fully appreciate how gigantic and never-ending an undertaking it was going to be to try and collect an individual player – especially for a completist freak like myself! 🙂

July saw the release of Allen & Ginter and my attention shifted to the mini inserts in this, and the previous, Ginter sets.

I decided to list my ‘Cutch’ card on eBay with a chancers price of £63.99 (around $100 USD at the time) figuring if anyone wanted it badly enough they have to pay top dollar… It sold within 5 days to a buyer in the Far East!

So that was that! One day I’ll probably regret selling it but I managed to double my money, so every cloud (and all that)!


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